Blog: Does My Child Have a Disorder?

Our current health care and education systems put diagnosis front and center. The focus, both for parent and clinician, is on the “what” rather than the “why”. This drive to name the problem leaves us with an inaccurate and potentially harmful choice between “normal” and “disorder.” In contrast, when we protect time for listening with curiosity, we can learn how a child’s behavior, from his perspective, might make sense.

Blog: Gay Pride, Religious Condemnation and Terrorism

Gay Pride, Religious Condemnation and Terrorism
Religious texts can be used to justify violence against gay people
By Jack Drescher, MD

News: APsaA Mourns Victims of Orlando Terrorist Attack, Calls for Action

Photo by Steve Nesius/Reuters
Leading Psychoanalytic Association Mourns Victims of Orlando Terrorist Attack,
Calls for Action

Blog: Freud Is Everywhere

Freud revolutionized the understanding and treatment of mental disorders. He created the psychoanalytic theory of personality. But beyond this, he profoundly changed our understanding of humanity, thought and culture.

Blog: Psychoanalysis! Is that still around?

Psychoanalysis! Is that still around?
By Jane Hall, CSW, FIPA
Scene:  a neighborhood restaurant. Overheard conversation between two diners
Q: What kind of work do you do?
A: I'm a psychoanalyst.

Blog: Why Don’t We Speak Up About Sexual Assault?

My ears perked up when I heard a radio host tell an expert who described deceptive practices in the restaurant industry, “Thank you for lifting the veil from my eyes, though I might have been happier if I didn’t know the reality.” We can all identify with his reluctance to become aware of upsetting information. In fact, powerful factors interfere with awareness when something is truly disturbing. We tend to deny or resist being aware of things that makes us anxious.

News: Leading Mental Health Organizations Urge End to Harmful 'Religious Freedom' Laws

April 20, 2016 – The nation’s leading mental health professional organizations are expressing dismay over the spate of recent bills and laws that would allow for individuals and businesses to deny services, employment and housing to LGBT people under the guise of religious freedom.

Blog: Can Addictive Thoughts be Useful?

Can addictive thoughts be useful? Ask anyone on the street whether addictive thoughts are useful and they will think you must be crazy. After all, that sounds like asking about whether having cancer can be useful. "Who would want addictive thoughts?" they might ask, while carefully backing away from you. The notion that there is value in these unwanted thoughts does seem peculiar.

News: Psychoanalysts Urge Immediate Action on Zika Virus

The American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) is urging U.S. leaders to recognize and prepare for the potential mental health consequences that can impact families affected by the Zika virus, especially as the virus continues to spread.

News: APsaA Launches Research Bibliography


APsaA Launches Research Bibliography 

The Committee on Research Education (CORE) of the American Psychoanalytic Association has developed an online database of a research bibliography – available here.  This project is of central relevance to research education at institutes as well as to other educators, students, and to both novice and experienced researchers.