Psychoanalytic Understanding of War Trauma – Webinars

2016/2017: Understanding War Trauma: A Six-Part Webinar Series from the American Psychoanalytic Association

The Service Members and Veterans Initiative of the  American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) is offering a six-part, webinar series aimed at introducing healthcare professionals to psychoanalytic understanding and treatment of war trauma. This free program is especially relevant to clinicians working with veterans and service-members but is open to anyone interested in this important issue, including veterans and their families.
“Today most in the mental health field, as well as the general public, have an understanding of PTSD. Portrayals of PTSD are featured in movies, television shows, documentaries and discussed in the news with varying levels of expertise and knowledge,” said Dennis Shelby, Ph.D. member of the Service Members and Veterans Initiative and director of this webinar series. “These webinars are not designed to add further contributions to the list of symptoms of PTSD, but rather offer valuable insight into the impact war has on the human mind and perspectives in psychoanalytically informed treatment.”
Session 1 – Afterwar: Healing the Moral Wounds of our Soldiers. Nancy Sherman, Ph.D Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University, author of AfterwarThe Untold War and Stoic Warriors
Date: October 25th, 7:30pm (CT)
Watch here.
Session 2 – A Veterans Day Presentation
Part 1Pathodynamics of psychological disability among soldiers serving in Vietnam: How deployment stress reactions dramatically eclipsed combat stress reactions. Norman M. Camp, MD, FACPsa, Colonel, Medical Corps, US Army (Ret)
Part 2The Interpersonal Approach to Working with Veterans with PTSD. Andrew S. Berry, Ph.D., Psy.D., ABPP with special discussant, Nate Emery, MS, Captain, US Marines (Ret).
Date: November 11, 7:30pm (CT)
Session 3 – Trauma & Stress
Part 1: Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders. Robert Ursano, MD., Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland.
Part 2The Intimacy of Trauma: Reintegrating Returning Warriors and the Subtleties of Subthreshold Posttraumatic Stress. COL Jeffrey S. Yarvis, PhD, MSW, M.Ed., adjunct faculty for University of Southern California military social work program.
Date: December 6, 7:30pm (CT)
Watch here.
Session 4 – Understanding Psychological Trauma
Repeating the Past in Pathology and Theory: Practical Suggestions for the Field of Traumatic Stress. Harold Kudler, MD., Chief Consultant for Mental Health Services U.S. Veterans Health Administration, and Norman Camp, MD., Fellow Am. Col. Psychoanalyst.
Watch here.
Session 5 – Treating the “Broken Soldier”
This webinar will feature two recent qualitative clinical dissertations. Both presenters are graduates of the Military/Veterans Specialization at the Institute for Clinical Social Work and have extensive experience treating service members and veterans in a range of clinical settings.
Part 1An Exploratory Study of Soldiers Who Feel Broken Post Combat. Bobbie M. Davis, MSW, PhD (Candidate)





Part 2Experiences of VA Therapists Treating OEF/OIF/OND Veterans with Combat PTSD. Michael R. Miller, MSW, PhD
Date: May 3, 8pm (ET)
Watch here:
The final session will be announced soon.
Also check out the Course Syllabus on War-Trauma here.

2016 – Webinar Series: 100 Years of Psychoanalytic Understanding of War-Trauma

The Service Members and Veterans Initiative of the  American Psychoanalytic Association (APasA) in partnership with the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis hosted the inagural  Webinar course, which presented 100 years of psychoanalytic study into war trauma. You can watch each presentation with links to all the reading materials below. (CE/CME credits are no longer available).
The courses included:
  • Session 1 – January 5, 2016 – 7:30pm (CT): Foundational Ideas:  Sigmund Freud & Early Freudians – Watch here
  • Session 2 – January 19, 2016 – 7:30pm (CT): Objects and Ego: W. Ronald Fairbarin & Abram Kardiner  – Watch here
  • Session 3 – February 2, 2016 – 7:30pm (CT): Psychodynamics and Cognitive Models: Roy Grinker & Mardi Horowitz  – Watch here
  • Session 4 – February 16, 2016 – 7:30pm (CT): Self Psychology:  Anna Ornstein, Doris Brothers & Robert Stolorow  – Watch here
SVI Blog: 100 Years of Understanding War-Trauma – 12-16-2015
Reading Materials:
Below are the selected readings for each course. Many of the readings are available through PEPWeb. If you or your institution does not subscribe to PEPWeb, you may purchase a one day pass to obtain access and download these papers. You may also be able to find some of the reading materials online. Consult your institution or public library.
Session 1 – January 5, 7:30pm (CT): Foundational Ideas:  Sigmund Freud & Early Freudians
Session 2 – January 19, 7:30pm (CT): Objects and Ego: W. Ronald Fairbairn & Abram Kardiner
Session 3 – February 2, 7:30pm (CT): Psychodynamics and Cognitive Models: Roy Grinker & Mardi Horowitz
Session 4 – February 16, 7:30pm (CT): Self Psychology:  Anna Ornstein, Doris Brothers & Robert Stolorow

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