Scientific Paper Prize Winners

(Established in 2004)


Barbara Milrod, John R. Keefe, Tse‐Hwei Choo, Shay Arnon, Sara Such, Ari Lowell, Yuval Neria, John C. Markowitz – “Separation anxiety in PTSD: A pilot study of mechanisms in patients undergoing IPT” Depress Anxiety. 2020; 37:386–395


The 2019 Scientific Paper Prize was cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic


Simone Jennissen, M.Sc., Julia Huber, M.Sc., Johannes C. Ehrenthal, Ph.D., Henning Schauenburg, M.D., Ulrike Dinger, D.Sc., M.D.Brian – “Association Between Insight and Outcome of Psychotherapy: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.”  The American Journal of Psychiatry, 2 August 2018, 961–969



Christiane Steinert, Ph.D., Thomas Munder, Ph.D., Sven Rabung, Ph.D., Jurgen Hoyer, Ph.D., Falk Leichsenring, D.Sc. - "Psychodynamic Therapy: As Efficacious as Other Empirically Supported Treatments? A Meta-Analysis Testing Equivalence of Outcomes" American Journal of Psychiatry 174:10, October 2017
Mary Beth Connolly Gibbons, Ph.D., Robert Gallop, Ph.D., Donald Thompson, Ph.D., Debra Luter, Ph.D., Katherine Crits-Christoph, Ph.D., Julie Jacobs, Ph.D., Seohyun Yin, B.A., Paul Crits-Christopf, Ph.D. - "Comparative Effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy and Dynamic Psychotherapy for Major Depressive Disorder in a Community Mental Health Setting"
JAMA Psychiatry 2016, 73(9):904-911
John H. Porcerelli, Ph.D., Alissa Huth-Bocks, Ph.D., Steven K. Huprich, Ph.D., Laura Richardson, Ph.D. - "Defense Mechanisms of Pregnant Mothers Predict Attachment Security, Social-Emotional Competence, and Behavior Problems in Their Toddlers"American J Psychiatry 173:2, February 2016
2014 Ellen Driessen, Ph.D., Henricus L. Van, M.D., Ph.D., Frank J. Don, M.Sc., Jaap Peen, Ph.D., Simone Kool, M.D., Ph.D., Dieuwertje Westra, M.Sc., Mariëlle Hendriksen, M.Sc., Robert A. Schoevers, M.D., Ph.D., Pim Cuijpers, Ph.D., Jos W.R. Twisk, Ph.D., Jack J.M. Dekker, Ph.D. – "The Efficacy of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy in the Outpatient Treatment of Major Depression: A Randomized Clinical Trial"  American Journal of Psychiatry (2013) 170:1041-1050
2013 Anna Bucheim, Roberto Vivani, Henrik Kessler, Horst Kächle, Manfred Cierpka, Gerhard Roth, Carol George, Otto F. Kernberg, George Bruns, Svenja Taubner – "Changes in Prefrontal-limbic function in major depression after 15 months of long-term psychotherapy" PLOS ONE 7 (3):e33745.
2012 Per Høglend – "Effects of Transference Work in the Context of Therapeutic Alliance and Quality of Object Relations"  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (2011) Vol. 79, No. 5, 697–706
2011 Manfred Beutel, M.D. – "Changes in Brain Activation Pre-post short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy" Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging (2010)184:96-104
2010 Shelley F. McMain, Ph.D., Paul S. Links, M.D., William H. Gnam, M.D., Tim Guimond, M.D., Robert J. Cardish, M.D., Lorne Korman, Ph.D., and David L. Streiner, Ph.D. – "A Randomized Trial of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Versus General Psychiatric Management for Borderline Personality Disorder" (American Journal of Psychiatry 2009;166:1365-1374)
2009 Anthony Bateman, F.R.C. Psych. and Peter Fonagy, Ph.D., F.B.A. – "8-Year Follow-Up of Patients Treated for Borderline Personality Disorder:  Mentalization-Based Treatment Versus Treatment as Usual" (American Journal of Psychiatry 2008;165:631-638)
2008 Joint winners:
Barbara Milrod, M.D.
Andrew C. Leon, Ph.D.
Fredric Busch, M.D.
Marie G. Rudden, M.D.
Michael Schwalberg, Ph.D.
John F. Clarkin, Ph.D.
Andrew C. Aronson, M.D.
Meriamne Singer, M.D.
Wendy L. Turchin, M.D.
E. Toby Klass, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Graf, B.A.
Jed J. Teres, B.A.
M. Katherine Shear, M.D.
"A randomized controlled clinical trial of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for panic disorder" (American Journal of Psychiatry 2007, 164 (2):265-272)
2007 Joint winners:
Kenneth N. Levy, Ph.D.
Kevin B. Meehan, Ph.D.
Kristen M. Kelly, Ph.D., M.S.N.
Joseph S. Reynoso, Ph.D.
Michal Weber, M.Phil.
John F. Clarkin, Ph.D.
Otto F. Kernberg, M.D.
"Change in Attachment Patterns and Reflective Function in a Randomized Control Trial of Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder" (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 2006, 74, 1027-1040).
2006 Joint winners:
Ephi Betan, Ph.D
Amy Kegley Heim, Ph.D.
Carolyn Zittel Conklin, Ph.D.
Drew Westen Ph.D.
"Countertransference phenomena and personality pathology in clinical practice: An empirical investigation."  American Journal of Psychiatry 2005, 162:890-898
2005 Sidney J. Blatt, Ph.D. and Golan Shahar, Ph.D.
"Psychoanalysis – with whom, for what, and how? Comparisons with Psychotherapy" Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association,  52, No. 2, 393-447
2004 Jonathan Shedler, Ph.D. – "A new language for psychoanalytic diagnosis" Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 50: 429-456

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