American Psychoanalytic Foundation Grants

The mission of the American Psychoanalytic Foundation (APF) is to sponsor programs that promote a better understanding of psychoanalysis and encourage effective and innovative dissemination of psychoanalytic ideas and services to the mental health community and the public.

Through its grants, APF seeks to build the reputation of psychoanalysis as a powerful therapeutic and research instrument that can be applied to a wide range of individual behaviors and cultural phenomena.

Both APsaA members and non-members are eligible to apply for APF funds. Applicants may apply as individuals or on behalf of their institute, center or society.

To ensure competitive consideration, proposed programs should:

  • Use creative approaches to promote psychoanalytic ideas and services
  • Feature a new program rather than a regular activity of a society or institute
  • Be applicable to other psychoanalytic institutes, societies and centers

Applications are accepted throughout the year. 

Grant Proposal Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to facilitate your grant application to the Foundation.

Generally, the Foundation only supports projects within the United States. In order to be considered, grants must be reflective of the mission statement of the APF Committee:

The mission of the APF is to raise funds and sponsor programs promoting a better understanding of psychoanalysis and encouraging effective and innovative dissemination of psychoanalytic ideas and services to the public.

One or several of the following elements should be a part of the proposal in order to be considered:

  • Community Outreach
  • National Focus - not a program that is generally put on as a regular activity by a society or institute.
  • Fundraising Element - seeks co-funding, matching or other sources of support for project. Grant money may be used as seed money for helping Grantee to get other sources of funding.
  • Transportable - broad applicability to other psychoanalytic institutes, societies and foundations. The program can serve as a model for other programs.
  • Creative and original.

Grant Application

Please provide the following information in a Word document via email

1. Contact:

2. Address

3. Phone

4. Email

5. Date

Information about Your Project

[For questions not relevant to your proposal, please reply “not applicable.”]

6. Name of Project.

7. Amount Requested.

8. Please give a brief description of your project including the project’s educational outreach aim? When is the project scheduled to take place? If there is a research component to the project, please provide specific detail.

9. What is the history of the project (if relevant)? Does this project have national focus or applicability? If so, how? How will the project be coordinated with other societies, institutes and committees of ApsaA or with other mental health or community groups?

10. Are there any other groups involved with the project? Please provide details.

11. How will this grant help you with your project?

12. Do you have any other sources for funding? What plans do you have to secure other funding?

13. Submit a proposed budget for your project. Include in detail all projected costs and income sources. Explain how the requested grant money will be used and how it helps your budget.

14. Who is responsible for directing the project and reporting back to the Foundation concerning grant fulfillment? Please note that there may be specific requirements needing to be completed before funds are dispersed.

15. When will your project end? If your project extends beyond the current calendar year, when do you expect completion of the portion of the project for which funding is being requested.

Information about Your Organization

16. Please give us a brief description of your organization and your mission statement.

17. Does you group have a membership or affiliation relationship with another organization?

18. When was your group founded?

19. Who are the members of your board of directors or leadership?

20. If applicable, we would like to see some materials talking about your organization and demonstrating your outreach or other such programs. (We will need 5 copies)

21. What are your current sources of funding?

22. Please submit your organization’s current annual budget and, if applicable, your organization's IRS determination letter of 501(c)(3) status.

Please send your grant proposal in digital format to:

Tom Newman
Executive Director 
American Psychoanalytic Association