Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy has been developed, practiced and taught by psychoanalysts from its beginnings. Students and practitioners learn to apply psychoanalytic concepts in a variety of clinical settings with a wide range of patients and clients.

More recently, because of the relative neglect of such training in universities and other training programs, psychoanalytic societies and institutes have developed formal instruction programs in the discipline of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

While individual programs differ in their specifics, typically they are based upon the core psychoanalytic tripartite training model of didactic seminars, clinical supervision and personal therapy. Programs are available not only in adult psychoanalytic psychotherapy but also in child and/or child and adolescent psychotherapy.

For most mental health professionals, the graduate training experience does not fully prepare one to be a skilled, knowledgeable and confident therapist. While we continue to learn from our patients throughout our professional lives, we believe that advanced formal training is crucial to our efforts to provide the highest level of clinical competence.

The following programs are designed to enrich psychotherapeutic skills and to provide a background in psychodynamic principles and the theoretical basis of clinical work.


Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Child and/or Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy