Joint Provider CME Program

The American Psychoanalytic Association has been awarded accreditation for 4 years as a provider of continuing medical education (CME) for physicians by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®). APsA delivers education that is relevant to clinicians’ needs, evidence-based, evaluated for its effectiveness, and independent of commercial influence.

APsA jointly sponsors CME activities through the APsA Joint Provider CME Program. To date, APsA has jointly sponsored CME activities with over 38 affiliated institutes, societies, and centers. Joint providership with APsA currently only covers CME for physicians but stay tuned as the program is evolving!

For each activity that you submit for CME credit, there is an official review and approval/denial or request for further clarification by the APsA CE Committee, along with mandatory post-reporting requirements and payment of the joint provider fee. To submit an activity for CME credit, please familiarize yourself with the ACCME Core Criteria Guidelines and the ACCME Standards for Integrity & Independence in Accredited Continuing Education (ACE), then follow the steps below to apply for accreditation.

Applying for CME

APsA requires completed applications with supporting materials to be submitted at the latest 60 business days in advance of the activity start date. 

  • Step 1: Determine if the activity is related to the product line of an ineligible company.
    • If the activity is related to the product line of ineligible companies (eg, medications, psychedelics, ketamine, medical devices, etc.), you will need to collect disclosure forms and complete the Presenter & Planner Disclosure Excel to upload with your application.
    • If the activity is NOT related to the product line of ineligible companies, you do not need to collect the disclosure forms and you do not need to include them in your application.
    • The APsA CE Committee will have the final determination during their review of the course materials. If the reviewer determines that the activity is related to the product line of an ineligible company, APsA will contact you to request disclosure information.
  • Step 2: Login to Gmail to complete the APsA Joint Provider Online CME Application and upload the required supporting documents:
    1. Upload the proposed activity syllabus/schedule/agenda broken out by date, time, topic, learning objective, and presenter(s). Here is an example agenda for a 2-hour webinar and an example schedule for a regularly scheduled series.
    2. Upload your promotional material. Here is an example of the disclosure statement when an activity is NOT related to the product line of an ineligible company. Here is an example of a promotional material when an activity IS related to the product line of ineligible companies.
    3. If your activity IS related to the product line of ineligible companies, upload the planner and presenters excel. Please keep the individual disclosure forms on file in case of audit.
    4. If this is a self-paced enduring material, such as a recording or journal article, upload a posttest with 3 multiple-choice questions per 1 hour of educational content. Each posttest question must include the rationale for the correct and/or incorrect answer, and 1 reference of where the learner can go to learn more on their own.
    5. If you are accepting grant funding, commercial funding from ineligible companies, or private monetary donations, upload an income/expense statement for the activity.

Approval Process

Upon receipt, the application and supporting materials will be reviewed by the APsA CE Committee. The activity may be approved, denied, or require further clarification. Any additional clarifications will be emailed to the contact provided in the CME application. Once the application is approved, you will receive an approval email from APsA with your invoice, the ACCME accreditation statement, the AMA credit designation statement, the disclosure statement to include in your promotional materials, and the Faculty CME Letter, a 2-page consolidated letter outlining the ACCME Standards in regard to delivering accredited education.

Joint Provider CME Program Fees

Please Note: APsA member training institutes, societies, and centers will receive the annual invoice at the beginning of the academic year which includes up to 30 course applications. Upon submission of application 31, your will receive an additional invoice with the approval email.

Post-Reporting Requirements

A copy of your application will automatically be emailed back to the gmail account after you click submit. 30-90 days after an activity concludes, use that email to go back into your application by clicking “edit response” at the top of the email. Upload the summative evaluation report and enter the number of physicians and non-physicians on page 4 of the application, and then click “submit” again. This will close out your activity.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Post Reporting in the Online Application

  • The tabulated evaluation data or a final report of evaluation findings should be cumulative data and not individual evaluation forms or responses.
  • The final count of attendees should be broken out by physician and non-physician (ie: 100 attendees; 50 physicians, 50 non-physicians).
  • Any changes: speakers, sessions, disclosure information, changes to final promotional materials, etc. can be uploaded into the “corrected uploads” section on page 3 of the application.

How To Videos

Additional Learning – Optional

CME Toolkit:

Activities NOT Related to the Product Line of an Ineligible Company

Activities Related to the Product Line of an Ineligible Company

Questions about joint providership? Email: Kathryn Brundage, Director of Accreditation, [email protected].