Shame, Self-Alienation and the Power of Self-Compassion


The concept of self-alienation is inextricably linked to shame. Working with adult children of traumatizing narcissists, and with others who experience narcissistic abuse, Shaw’s way of working with these clients […]

Social Psychoanalysis and an Ethic of Repair


This program begins with a talk on what a social psychoanalysis might look like in the clinic and draws on some earlier psychoanalysts’ concepts that have connected the social world […]

Meet the Author: Andrea Celenza, PhD


Join Andrea Celenza, PhD, for our next Meet the Author event with Shari Thurer, Sc. D., and the online audience. We will be talking about Andrea's book, "Transference, Love, Being: […]

Windows into Psychotherapy


Presented by Stuart Ozar, MD and Juliana Varela, MSW. For clinicians or mental health students who are curious about what it is that psychodynamic therapists actually do, we offer a […]

Psychedelics and Psychoanalysis: Myths & Possibilities


This is a continuation of NCP's Manifest Mind Series. As psychedelic medicine moves toward wide clinical implementation, psychoanalysts are establishing a specialized set of roles and methods separate from other […]

ACP’s International Clinical Conversation Conference


Association for Child Psychoanalysis:  Presented by Denia Barrett and Peter Bruendl Clinical work performed in isolation or within only a small group of colleagues risks a narrowing of techniques. A […]

Supervision: A Psychoanalytic View

Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center 2460 Fairmount Blvd #312, Cleveland, OH, United States

Both the American Psychological and the American Psychiatric Associations have recently advocated specific courses in supervision for their trainees. Good supervision has been described in terms of specific competences or […]

Googling for Ghosts: Confessions of a Reluctant Psychoanalyst

In-person Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia (& Virtual) 3810 Mt Pleasant Dr, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Sylvia Flescher, M.D., will join us in person on Friday, November 17th, and share with us excerpts from her memoir-in-progress. Her memoir describes the evolution of her identity as a […]

Potential Space and Organizational Trauma


Presented by M. Gerard Fromm, PhD In January, 2002, an annual Group Relations Conference was held as it had been for many years, and one of its large-group events began […]

Core Principles of Treating the Suicidal Adult


Presenter: J. Christopher Fowler, PhD Description: We are acutely aware of the fear and dread of losing a patient to suicide. Unlike other medical crises, there are no biologic tests […]

Radical Psychoanalysis

Hybrid (virtual and in-person)

Presented by Harold Braswell, PhD, MSW. The word “radical” is generally understood to mean a break from tradition. But, etymologically, the term also connotes a return to one’s roots. A […]

APsA’s 2024 National Meeting

New York Hilton Midtown Hotel, New York City New York Hilton Midtown Hotel, New York, NY, United States

Details forthcoming.

Oppression Monopoly

St Louis Psychoanalytic Institute 7700 Clayton Rd Ste 200, Saint Louis, MO, United States

Presented by Richard D. Harvey, PhD. The Oppression Monopoly experience is quickly becoming widely known as a fun, yet deeply impactful simulation of the dynamics of oppression. The overriding theme […]

Writing & Creativity: A Psychoanalytic Retreat

St Louis Psychoanalytic Institute 7700 Clayton Rd Ste 200, Saint Louis, MO, United States

Presented by Nikki Karalekas, PhD, MSW, LCSW and Harold Braswell, MSW, PhD. How do we write psychoanalytically? How does psychoanalysis inform and enhance our writing practice? What role does writing […]

I Want it All and I Want it Now


Presenter: Denia Barrett, LCSW Description: This presentation will illustrate analytic work with a patient during late latency and prepuberty, followed by periods of psychotherapy in mid- and late- adolescence/emerging adulthood. […]

Dreaming of an Inclusive Psychoanalysis


Presented in partnership with Casa de Salud’s Mental Health Collaborativewith Patricia Gherovici, PhD; Harold Braswell, MSW, PhD and Juliana Varela, LCSW. Patricia Gherovici will compare two films documenting actual cures […]