1 The Holmes Commission's Journey toward Racial Equality in American Psychoanalysis: Reflection and Hope Dorothy E. Holmes, Anton Hart, Dionne R. Powell, and Beverly J. Stoute

3 From the President: Launching the Reimagined APsaA Kerry J. Sulkowicz

8 The Lost Daughter: Psychoanalytic Reflections Rosemary H. Balsam, Janice S. Lieberman, Margarita Cereijido, and Anne Adelman

13 On APsaA-Sponsored Immigration: Excerpts from Memories of a Chaotic World: Growing Up as the Daughter of Annie Reich and Wilhelm Reich Lore Reich Rubin

17 National Meeting: Back in New York Donald B. Moss

18 Film: About My Favorite Season (Ma saison préférée): A River Runs through It Eric Essman

20 Child & Adolescent Psychoanalysis: Restoring the Psyche to Psychiatry: A Model of Outreach to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Rachel Ritvo, Nathaniel Donson, Timothy Rice, and Stanley Leiken

23 Candidates’ Couch: A Passage from India: “Otherness,” a Lifelong Process of Analytic Growth Susmita Thukral

24 Appealing Attributes, Appalling Obstacles, and Ideas on Increasing Interest in Psychoanalytic Training: Findings From a 2022 National Survey of Prospective Candidates Yukino Strong, Nicholas Flier, and Himanshu Agrawal

28 Stuart Twemlow: A Personal Reflection John Samuel Tieman

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