One APsaA: Update, Teamwork and a Smooth Transition of Leadership

Lee Jaffe and Bill Glover


Lee Jaffe


Bill Glover

I am writing my last column with our new president Bill Glover. The ataxic disease has made my finishing the last four months of my presidency no longer prudent, so with the approval of the Executive Council I have turned the presidency over to Bill. We have worked together very closely since he became president-elect, so he is ready to take the helm at this time. Kerry Sulkowicz, our new president-elect-elect has agreed to begin his term now as president-elect. Personally, it has been an honor for me these past few years to steer the APsaA ship, which we see as being in good shape.

At our last Executive Council meetings a number of our efforts advanced, including a bylaw amendment, which will come to you soon for a vote, for your approval to change the name of our governing body from Executive Council to the Board of Directors (BOD). We will refer to it as such here, given that the BOD is a more common and apt designation. In addition, having two candidates serve on the BOD, and having four directors from the BOD serve on the Executive Committee has gone well, further integrating candidates and Board members into our leadership team. These improvements have contributed to our BOD being able to make progress in the following areas.

This is by no mean an exhaustive list of all the projects and efforts underway at this time, but it should give you a sense of how much has been accomplished and is in the works; how well we have all worked together. Rest assured that this will continue, that the leadership transition is going smoothly, and that the future looks bright for APsaA.