Quarterly Magazine of The American
Psychoanalytic Association

CONTENTS:  Fall  2016

ONE APsaA and the Future of Psychoanalysis    Harriet Wolfe

June Meeting Highlights

Issues in Psychoanalytic Education:
Education at APsaA: Da Capo, Rico    Luba Kessler, Issues in Psychoanalytic Education Editor

Free Association: Is It Still Relevant?    Joseph Schachter

APsaA Elections: Campaign Statements

Welcome to APsaA Connects    Brian Canty and Wylie Tene

2017 National Meeting Highlights
January 18–22    Christine C. Kieffer

The Shared Creative Realm of Psychoanalysis and the Arts    J. David Miller

Educational Standards: A New Era of Informed Choice    Dwarakanath G. Rao and Dionne R. Powell