Quarterly Magazine of The American
Psychoanalytic Association

CONTENTS:  Spring / Summer   2016

APsaA and the IPA: The Story of American Independence    Ralph E. Fishkin and Paul W. Mosher

Leadership    Mark D. Smaller

Diversity of Standards in New APsaA    Dwarakanath Rao and Dionne Powell

Highlights of the 105th Annual Meeting in Chicago June 17-19    Christine C. Kieffer

Candidates’ Council: Psychoanalysis in the Community    Phoebe A. Cirio

COPE: Study Group on New Technologies    Daniel Jacobs

Film: Theater Audience Questions a Psychoanalyst about His Discipline    Phillip Freeman; Bruce H. Sklarew, Film Editor

Building New Psychoanalytic Programs Worldwide    Maria Teresa Hooke and Madeleine Bachner (prepared by Lewis Kirshner on behalf of the North American Representatives to the IPA Board)

The American College of Psychoanalysts    Norman A. Clemens

Courage to Fight Violence Against Women:
IPA Committee on Women and Psychoanalysis Conference    Paula L. Ellman and Nancy R. Goodman

Changing of the Guard

I have had the honor of serving as the editor of The American Psychoanalyst for nine years, spanning the terms of five presidents. It has been gratifying work, perhaps best summed up by something former editor Arnie Richards said to me in passing, at the elevators in the Waldorf Astoria…“Thanks for babysitting.” Editing TAP has been a generative process, with an ever present due date, and the joy of having the issue delivered. I am grateful to the authors, the Association staff and to our professional editor, Helene Wolff, who has been a reliable, resourceful, patient and talented guide star throughout. I am also thankful that Doug Chavis has agreed to shoulder the task and look forward to reading TAP for years to come.

—Janis Chester