Quarterly Magazine of The American
Psychoanalytic Association

CONTENTS:  Winter / Spring  2016

Reflections on the Supreme Court and Free Speech    Robert D. Goldstein

Challenges of ONE APsaA    Mark D. Smaller

APsaA Elections

External Accreditation:
The American Association for Psychoanalytic Education    Lee I. Ascherman, Elizabeth Brett, Dwarakanath G. Rao and Dionne Powell

2016 National Meeting

Origins of Psychoanalysis: Inexorably Entangled with Art    Leah Montalto and Howard M. Nowes

COPE: Challenges in Training    Phoebe A. Cirio

How Small Institutes Can Survive and Grow    Sam Robertson

Or How to Develop an Undergraduate Minor in Psychoanalytic Studies    Lawrence D. Blum, Richard F. Summers and Greg Urban

A Beautiful Time to Visit
105th Annual Meeting, June 17–19, 2016    Norman Kohn

APsaA in Austin: 2016 Modern Language Association Convention    Elizabeth Danze and Peter L. Rudnytsky

Poetry: From the Unconscious    Sheri A. Butler

   Psychoanalysis and Free Speech

Special Section on Psychoanalysis and Free Speech: Introduction    Michael Slevin

Psychoanalysis: Relevant to Democracy    Jill Gentile

Free Speech: A Mixed Blessing    William J. Winslade