Ticho Memorial Lecture Winners (Established in 2006)

2024    Brian Ngo-Smith, LCSW, BCD-P, FABP
“Porosity and Preoccupation: Queer Thoughts on Psychoanalytic Care”

2020    Daria Colombo, M.D.
“Autotheory: Toward the Embodying of Analytic Framing”“ Lecture given in 2022 because of Covid.

2019    Jane Tillman, Ph.D., ABPP
“In the Shadow of Suicide: Ethical Loneliness, Moral Injury, and the Mysterious Object”

2018    No lecturer

2017 Adele Tutter, M.D., Ph.D.
“The Erotics of Knowing”

2016 Monisha Nayar-Akhtar, Ph.D.
“Psychic Space, Structural Space, Cyber Space: Desire and Intimacy in a Digital World”

2015 Andrew Gerber, M.D., Ph.D.
“Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century: Research Supported Treatments, Research Domain Criteria, and the Clinical Science Model”

2014 Christine Kieffer, Ph.D.
“Organizational Trauma: Narcissism, Scapegoating, Mourning and the Problem of Succession”

2012 Nathan Szajnberg, M.D.
“Mimesis: Re-presentations of Inner life in Western Literature and Their Contributions to Psychoanalytic Views of Humankind”

2011 Deborah L. Cabanis, M.D.
“Teaching Psychodynamics in the 21st Century”

2010 Julie Jaffee Nagel, Ph.D.
“Melodies in My Mind: The Polyphony of Mental Life”

2008 Arnold Wilson, Ph.D.
“On Believing in One Theory or Another or One Analyst Reports in Mid-Career”

2007 Kimberlyn Leary, Ph.D.
“Influence and Being Influential”

2006 Bonnie E. Litowitz, Ph.D.
“The Second Person”