Resident Education

Resident Education

APsaA works to promote an interest in and knowledge about psychoanalysis in various medical educational programs with the intent of maintaining and fostering the role of psychoanalysis. APsaA is involved with outreach to psychiatric residents, psychiatric residency training directors, and directors of medical student education in psychiatry.

Many members who teach at APsaA’s approved training institutes also teach in and/or provide supervision in the psychiatric programs at nearby medical schools.

The following training institutes are directly affiliated with medical schools:

The following institute offers a fellowship program for psychiatric residents:

  • The New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute

The following institute makes its faculty and facilities available to several medical schools:

Additional Opportunities for Residents

  • APsaA’s biannual meetings offer special programs for psychiatric residents.
  • Getting involved with APsaA’s Student/Residents Associates program is another way for residents to enrich their medical education.

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