Medical Student Education

Medical Student Education

Psychoanalytic concepts are relevant to the doctor-patient relationship of medical practice, irrespective of specialty. Medical students represent psychoanalysts’ future medical colleagues and referral sources, as well as potential psychiatric colleagues and even psychoanalytic candidates. The American Psychoanalytic Association is committed to maintaining useful working relationships with medical students and their teachers.

The medical student reading list is a starting place for medical students interested in exposure to psychoanalytic concepts, and the companion medical student teachers’ reading list is a guide for analysts and other faculty who are working with medical students. The psychodynamic psychotherapy reading lists from the residency education page may be of interest as well.

Podcasts: Conversations about Psychoanalysis in Medical Student Education with Drs. Estelle Bender, David Mintz, Debra Katz, and Murad Khan

1. What is psychoanalysis and what does a career in psychoanalysis look like?
2. How are psychoanalytic principles applicable for all medical students, regardless of their future specialty?
3. What resources are available to learn more about psychoanalysis?

Medical Student Reading

Medical Student Reading List
Medical Student Teachers’ Reading List

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Reading

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