Blog: Reflecting on Traumatic Brain Injury Month

Kurt Goldstein and Frieda Fromm-Reichmann on Traumatic Brain Injury
Symptoms are an amalgam of neurological injuries and the survivor’s individual physical and psychological efforts to adapt to those injuries
By Harold Kudler, MD

News: APsaA Calls on Governor Snyder to Apologize, Lead By Example

New York, NY – March 8, 2016 – Mental Health experts from the American Psychoanalytic Association are calling on Governor Rick Snyder to lead by example and address the social and emotional damage caused to citizens by the Flint water crisis.

New Video: Exploring the Psychology of Racism

What motivates one human being to hate another because of the color of their skin or ethnicity?
What prompts human beings to feel superior just because of the color of their skin?
What are the effects of racism on both victims and perpetrators?

Blog: Why Do I Get So Hungry Before My Period?

In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week I’d like to bring awareness to a lesser known aspect of appetite and disordered eating—the impact of sex hormones and the menstrual cycle on appetite and body image.

Blog: The Hidden Truth About Eating Disorders

The Hidden Truth About Eating Disorders
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week Is February 21-27, 2016
Eating disorder patients often use their bodies to express what their minds cannot.  One challenge of treatment is to decode this hidden communication, as in this example:

Blog: Doctor, I Have a Pain in My Heart!

When's the last time a doctor asked you who you loved and who loved you? I'll bet never.

Blog: Why Falling In Love Can Be So Scary

In Western culture, falling in love is billed as The Happy Thing: two people find one another, and the story ends, the curtain drops, the credits roll. The problems of loneliness, desire and attachment have been solved.

Blog: Psychological Damage to the Children of Flint Michigan

“If you were going to put something in a population to keep them down for generations to come, it would be lead,” said Dr. Hanna-Attisha of Flint, Michigan.

Blog: Institutional responses during the Flint, MI Water Crisis: a Psychoanalytic Understanding

APsaA blog:  from the Task Force on Class and Income Inequality

Institutional responses during the Flint, MI Water Crisis:  a Psychoanalytic Understanding

by Marie Rudden

Psychoanalysts have a considerable amount to offer in understanding the faulty organizational responses to Flint’s water crisis, as our field has a well-developed approach to teasing out unconscious group and organizational processes.

Blog: 100 Years of Understanding War-Related Trauma

Why after every war do “we” look for the newest, most cutting-edge treatments for war-related trauma, rather and simply going to a library?