Robert Galatzer-Levy , M.D. is a Training, Supervising and child and adolescent supervising analyst at the Chicago Institute for psychoanalysis. He is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Chicago. He has written 6 books and more than 130 papers and book chapters. His most recent book is “Nonlinear Psychoanalysis: Notes from 40 years of Chaos and Complexity Theory.” He is a contributing author to the “Psychoanalyst Assistance Casebook” as well. Besides psychoanalytic theory and practice, Dr. Galatzer-Levy has a long standing interest in the interface of psychiatry and the law and problems of professional conduct. His paper on the death of the analyst was among the first to systematically explore the effects of analyst impairment and death on analysand and the analytic community.