Research and Training

The American Psychoanalytic Association includes 32 approved training institutes across the country where psychoanalytic training is available under APsaA's auspices. The Association's educational standards are regarded as the highest in the field.

Graduate psychoanalysts trained under the auspices of APsaA have had very rigorous and extensive clinical education. Candidates accepted for training at an approved psychoanalytic institute must meet high ethical, psychological, and professional standards.

Candidates are either physicians who have completed a four-year residency program in psychiatry, psychologists or social workers who have completed a doctoral program in their fields or hold a clinical master's degree in a mental health field where such a degree is generally recognized as the highest clinical degree; all must have had extensive clinical experience.

Outstandingly qualified scholar-researchers, educators, and selected other professionals may also be approved for psychoanalytic training. All accepted candidates, whatever their background, then begin at least four years of psychoanalytic training.

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