Registration/Cancellation Policy Questions

How do I sign up for a Two Day Clinical Workshop?
There is no longer a lottery for the Two–Day Clinical Workshops. Instead, please register for a Two –Day Clinical Workshop along with all other sessions. The best way to register for these workshops is online. If registering by mail, please indicate a second choice (i.e. Discussion Group) in case your first choice of a Clinical Workshop is closed.

What are the registration fees for the meeting?
Click here for the pre and on-site registration fees.

How do I register for the meeting?
Starting on Tuesday, November 5 2 at 12 noon Eastern Time you may register by clicking here or by mailing the registration forms along with a check, to APsaA, 309 East 49th Street, NY, NY 10017.

Advance Registration ends on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. After that date, you may register on-site at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

What are the steps to registering on-line?

  1. Go to the Register Online page
  2. Enter your first name and last name in the required fields and click “submit” (DO NOT INCLUDE MIDDLE INITIALS OR A TITLE)
  3. Click on “Select” next to your name and city.
  4. Select your registration category (Active Member) and click “Continue”
  5. The next screen will be a registration form with your information filled in. Verify this information and check the box next to the confidentiality agreement.
  6. Scroll down and select any sessions you wish to pre-register for. (PLEASE HAVE YOUR SELECTIONS READY, THERE IS A 30 MINUTE TIME LIMIT TO SUBMIT YOUR REGISTRATION) Click Submit
  7. Complete the payment form. Please note that the address on the payment form must be the same as the billing address for the credit card you are using for payment.
  8. Click Submit payment

After you submit your payment you will be notified whether the transaction has been approved or not. Upon approval you will be sent a confirmation email.

I think I’m registered for the meeting. How can I check?
Please contact Chris Broughton, Meeting Registration Manager 212-752-0450 ext.19.

I don’t remember which sessions I registered for. How can I find out?
Please contact Chris Broughton, Meeting Registration Manager 212-752-0450 ext.19.

I pre-registered for the meeting. How and when will I get my badge?
Pre-registered participants may pick up their material (badge, final program, committee schedule, etc) as early as Monday, February 10 at APsaA’s headquarters. Click here for days, times and location of registration.

I do not plan on pre-registering. I will register when I get to the hotel. How and when will I get my badge?
Starting on Monday, February 10, on-site registration will be open.   Click here for days, times and location of registration.

Why should I pre-register for sessions?
Pre-registration is highly recommended. It allows ApsaA to see which sessions are most popular so we can plan accordingly. Also, many Chairs send materials to pre-registered participants prior to the conference. There will be no on-site registration for sessions. If a session is not listed as closed in the Final Program, you may go to that session and see if there are seats available. Please allow those that pre-registered to take their seats first.

Why should I pre-register for the meeting?
The reduced meeting registration fees are the best reason for pre-registering. Registering on-site will be more expensive. Also, picking up your registration material is quicker if you have already registered. Save yourself the aggravation of waiting on line at the meeting!

I want to register for a single session. Can I do that?
There are no single session fees. We do have a one day registration option and a reduced fee for Sunday only. Click here to see the various registration fees available.

I changed my mind about which sessions I want to attend. Can I make any changes to my pre-registration?
Please contact Chris Broughton, Meeting Registration Manager 212-752-0450 ext.19 before Tuesday, January 7, 2020. After that date you can attend sessions as long as they are not listed as closed in the final program.

I am interested in the reduced registration fees for Research/Educator/Psychotherapist or Student/Resident Associates and other benefits. Am I eligible to join an associates program?
To register as an Associate and take advantage of the reduced registration fee, applications need to be received by APsaA before the pre-registration deadline of Tuesday, January 7, 2020. New applications cannot be processed at the meeting. Former Associates should renew their 2020 affiliation prior to attending the meeting.

Please click here for information and fees for APsaA’s Associates Programs.
For any additional questions regarding the programs, please contact Debra Steinke Wardell, Manager, Education and Membership Services, 212-752-0450 ext. 26

Does APsaA limit attendance at the actual sessions?
APsaA reserves the right to limit attendance at any session for safety, professional confidentiality or organizational reasons. Please note the more popular sessions will reach room capacity quickly and you may wish to plan for an alternative.

What is your cancellation policy?
All requests for refunds must be made via email to Chris Broughton.  A 20% administrative fee will be deducted from refund requests received on or before Tuesday, January 7th.  A 50% administrative fee will be deducted from refund requests received from January 8 to March 3, 2020.  No refund requests will be accepted after March 3rd.