Recording Information

Those who have registered for the whole meeting will have access to all the On-Demand recordings (see below). Those that registered for one day will have access to On-Demand recordings only for the day they registered for.

On-Demand recordings will be available on October 26, 2021.

Please note you can not receive CE credit for watching a recording although there may be some sessions that are converted into On-line CE after the meeting.

The following sessions will be recorded. Attendees will be able to access these sessions for a month after the meeting. 

– Plenary 1: After The Plague?

– Plenary 2: Psychoanalysis After Fanon Webinar (Part 1)

– Plenary 3: Mourning In America: Explorations Of Loss And Repair

– Session 1: The Big Lie: A Conversation On Language, Mass Media And Subjectivity

– Session 3: The Ecological And Its Place In The Internal World

– Session 6: Psychotherapy Associates Session: Psychodynamic Treatment Of Addiction

– Session 8: Psychoanalysis 20 Years After 9/11: Exploration Of The Impact On Practice And Education

– Session 9: Experiencing The Members List

– Session 14: Controversial Dialogues: Exploring Class And Racial Ideologies In And Out Of The Clinical Setting

– Session 16: Fellows Clinical Conference: Finding Meaning With Asylum-Seeking Immigrants: Suspending Analytic Privilege And Holding Embodied Trauma

The following sessions will not be recorded:

– Session 2: Opening Up: What We Learned From Our Shared Experiences Of The Pandemic

– Session 4: One Day Clinical Workshop: Irene Cairo

– Session 5: One Day Clinical Workshop: Lynne Zeavin

– Session 7: Science Department Session: MODE: A Randomized Controlled Trial Of Psychoanalytic Treatment At Varying Frequencies

– Session 10: COVID-19 At Colleges

– Session 11: Candidates Session: Physical Separation In Control Analyses And Supervision: “Are We Disembodied?”

– Session 12: DPE Session: DPE Seminar On Teaching Supervision

– Session 13: Lying, The Liar, And The Lied To

– Session 15: Psychoanalysis After Fanon: Clinical Workshop (Part 2)