American Psychoanalytic Association

2021 National Meeting  

Poster Session – Call for Submissions


Deadline for Submissions: Friday November 13th 2020


The American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) invites poster submissions to be considered for presentation at the 2021 APsaA National Meeting, which convenes from February 12-28, 2021.  The 2021 Poster Session will be presented as an online gallery available to attendees throughout the conference proceedings. Poster presenters will have the option of participating in live chat sessions with virtual attendees on Saturday February 13th from 5-6pm EST, and Saturday February 20th from 1-2pm EST.


Poster first authors who are new or early career investigators are eligible for consideration for the 2021 American Psychoanalytic Association Poster Award ($500- ). The Award will go to the poster recognized as most noteworthy, judged on the basis of substantive significance, innovation, and quality of presentation. The winner of this award will give a brief live presentation of their study during the Science Department panel held on Saturday, February 27th 2021 at 11am EST. A limited number of additional poster presenters may be invited by the Research College Steering Committee to participate in the Science Department panel based on merit.


Purpose and Focus of APsaA Poster Session

·         Poster topic focus may be as follows:

o   Conceptual and/or empirical relevance to psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theory, technique, aspects of practice, and effectiveness of psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis;


o   Contributions from multiple disciplines are welcome, including research questions in ‘neighboring fields’ – such as clinical, developmental and social psychology, family psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, sociology, literary criticism, historical studies, history of ideas, and art history;


o   Methodologies appropriate to the discipline, data, and question (e.g. small-sample, single-subject, descriptive, and clinical research designs) are acceptable.


·         This Virtual Poster Session is a forum to present and share with meeting attendees:

o   New, unpublished data;

o   New analyses of these data;

o   Newly designed ongoing studies;

o   Scholarly conceptual analyses and interpretations.


Preparing and Submitting Poster Items

·         Poster Description: This is not to exceed 1,500 words, including title, and should be double-spaced.  The submission must include sufficient data so that reviewers may evaluate it.


o   Include purpose/thesis, background/relevant questions, methods, findings, discussion and key references.


o   Up to 2 tables or figures may be included  – diagrams, pictures, graphs and illustrations of methods and results, etc.


o   Do NOT include author names on this document.


·         Poster Abstract: This is not to exceed 500 words, including title and all authors (in order of authorship). This abstract should be written for the general clinician audience, with an interest in research. Please ‘translate’ newer techniques or terminology if needed.


·         Poster Face Sheet: Attached for download; complete and return.


Submit the Poster Description, Poster Abstract and Poster Face Sheet – by email to:

[email protected] – Katie Lewis, PhD, Research Psychologist, Austen Riggs Center


Receipt will be acknowledged by email. For those who are unable to submit by email, please contact Dr. Lewis at 413-931-5257.


The deadline for submissions is 12 midnight (Eastern Time) on Friday, November 13th, 2020.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.


Process of Review of Poster Submissions

Poster submissions will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. Three criteria will govern review:

o   Clarity of formulation or conceptualization,

o   Adequacy of methods,

o   Appropriateness of interpretations made


Notifications of review decisions will be made during the first week of December. Notifications will go to the submitter by email unless another notification mode is requested.


If Selected: Preparing Your Poster, and the Poster Session  

·         Posters will be presented through a virtual gallery available to conference attendees throughout the duration of the program.

·         Presenters will be sent log-in information in early January 2021 with instructions on how to upload poster text and media. In addition to text, your virtual poster can include high-resolution images, detailed charts and diagrams, slide shows, high definition videos, audio files, links to external data sets, and other dynamic content. Participants will be able to scroll through your content, click on images to enlarge them, watch and listen to video and audio files – including poster narrations – and explore your links to additional content on other websites.

·         Presenters will be expected to adhere to confidentiality guidelines for posters that feature clinical material, and all posters will be reviewed by the Co-Chairs in advance of the meeting to ensure appropriateness of the material.  Once the conference begins, no further changes to poster content will be permitted.

·         The winner of the American Psychoanalytic Association Poster Award will be notified in December 2020 and will be expected to participate in a live presentation of their project during the virtual Science Department session on Saturday, February 27th 2021 at 11am EST. A select number of additional poster presentations may be invited to participate in this panel based on merit.

·         In addition to the poster content that will be continuously available to conference attendees in the virtual gallery, presenters will have the option of participating in one of two live chat sessions (February 13th from 5-6pm EST and February 20th from 1-2pm EST). These sessions are optional but will allow presenters to have live engagement with attendees about their work. The conference Co-Chairs will coordinate scheduling of presenters who indicate their interest in the live chat session after acceptance notifications have been made.

·         Further information on the Poster Session will be provided if your poster is selected for presentation.


Potential Opportunity for Publication in JAPA

·         After the Poster Session, the Presenter may prepare a manuscript from the Poster to be considered for potential publication by The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (JAPA).

·         We will provide information regarding the JAPA guidelines and requirements at a later date. 

·         Please note, submissions for potential publication in JAPA will undergo a separate review process.  There is no guarantee of publication in JAPA.


Terms and Conditions for Poster Submissions

·         Membership in the APsaA is NOT required to submit a presentation for consideration.

·         The Poster Session will be open to the press. Submission of a poster presentation for review implies permission for media coverage.

·         APsaA reserves the right to reject changes to a submission once it is accepted for presentation.

·         Selection decisions are final.

·         Poster submission is taken as an agreement to present an accepted format at the scheduled time.

·         Poster Session acceptance does NOT include registration for/ access to sessions of the APsaA 2021 National Meeting, for which separate registration and associated fees will be required.



Please contact:

Katie Lewis, PhD
Research Psychologist

Austen Riggs Center

[email protected]