Poster Session Award Winners

2020 Mark A. Teles, Irwin Rosenfarb, Patricia Judd and posthumously to Joanne Callan
“Attachment, Emotion Regulation, and Substance Use among Substance Using Adults”

2019 Amanda Zayde, Psy.D.
“The Role of Social Support in the Development of Mentalizing Skills among Underserved Populations: The Feasibility of a Group Mentalizing Journey”

2018 No winner

2017 Christopher Miller, M.D.
“Teaching Psychodynamic Formulation in a General Psychiatric Residency Training Program”

2015 Caroline Schiek-Gamble, M.A. and Marvin Hurvich, Ph.D.
“Fear of Psychic and Physical Destruction: The Relation of Child Abuse, Negative Life Events and Adult Attachment to Annihilation Anxiety”

2014 Katie C. Lewis, M.A., Kevin B. Meehan, Ph.D., Jane G. Tillman, Ph.D., Nicole M. Cain, Ph.D. , and Philip S. Wong, Ph.D.
“Impact of Object Relations and Impulsivity on Persistent Suicidal Behavior”

2013 Shilpa Sachdeva, M.D., Gregory Goldmann, Ph.D., Georgian Mustata, M.D.,
Robert Gregory, M.D.
“Naturalistic Outcomes of Evidence-Based Therapies for Borderline Personality Disorder at a University Clinic: A Quasi-Randomized Trial”

2012 Evan Deranja, M.D., Ph.D.
“A Manual-Based Treatment Approach for Training Psychiatry Residents in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy”

2011 Sohye Kim
“In Pursuit of Interpersonal Distance and Self-Reliance: Neural Substrates of Attachment System Deactivation in Avoidant Individuals”

2010 Robert Gregory, M.D.
“Dynamic Deconstructive Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder Comorbid with Alcohol Use Disorders: 30-Month Follow Up”

2009 Marie Rudden, M.D.
“Symptom-Specific Reflective Functioning: Incorporating psychoanalytic measures into clinical trials”

2008 Eve Caligor, M.D. with Barry L. Stern, Ph.D, Margaret S. Hamilton, M.D., Verna MacCornack, Ph.D.
“Patient selection in the analytic clinic”

2007 Kevin Meehan, M.A., Kenneth Levy, Ph.D., Joseph Reynosa, M.A., Lindsay Hill, B.A., John Clarkin, Ph.D.
“Measuring reflective function with a multi-dimensional questionnaire: comparison to scoring reflective function on the AAI”

2006 David Younger (doctoral student)
“Assessing Reflective Capacity in Couples: The Development of the Dyadic Reflective Functioning Questionnaire”

2005 Justine Larson, M.D., Sarah Whitton, Ph.D.
“Making Friends through Warmth and Charm: Developing a Measure of Social Competence using Q-Sort Methodology”

2004 Susan Bers, Ph.D., Sidney J. Blatt, Ph.D., Ann Dolinsky, M.D.
“The sense of self in anorexia-nervosa patients: A psychoanalytically informed method for studying self-representations”

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