Lee Jaffe Candidate’s Council Paper Prize Winners

2024Elizabeth Hamlin, MD, “Mourning and Medication”
Bobbie M. Davis, Ph.D., LCSW, RPT-S, “Castrated Analyst: The Analytic Fourth” (semi-finalist)
2023Louella Dias, Ph.D., “Maternal Eros: Through a Phenomenological, Psychoanalytic, and Cultural Lens”
Matt Shatzman, M.A., LPC, “The Total Training Situation: Dimensions of Candidacy that Potentiate Analytic Process” (semi-finalist)
2022Kristin Fiorella, Psy.D., MFT, “Thinking in Marrow Bone”
Alice X. Huang, M.D., “Finding “Sense” in Separation Aesthetic Experiences as Transitional Phenomena in the Analytic Process” (semi-finalist)
2021Rochelle M. Broder, Ph.D., “Low Fee, Rage and Countertransference”

Elizabeth Levey, M.D., “Analyzing from home: Where does psychoanalysis go in a pandemic?”

2020Loren Sobel, M.D., M.S., “The Imaginative Bridge to Relational Contact: from the Random to the Meaningful”

Genie Dvorak, Psy.D., “The Persistent Past: Listening for the Logic and Potentials of the Repetition Compulsion” (semi-finalist)

2019Mead Goedert, Ph.D., “Shamed if you do, shamed if you don’t: Clinical encounters with social class”

Kiana Keihani, Ph.D. (semi-finalist)

2018Frank Tisano, M.S.W., “Excluding the Excluders, Excluding Ourselves: The College Campus Today.”

Mead Goedert, Ph.D., “Shamed if you do, shamed if you don’t: Clinical encounters with social class” (semi-finalist)

2017Susan Barbour, Ed.D., “The Economic Problem of Candidacy”

Steven Baum, Psy.D., “The Analyst’s Enactments” (semi-finalist)

2016Deborah Weisinger, Psy.D., “Developing a Psychoanalytic Identity in the Presence of a Psychotherapeutic Identity”

Suzanne Klein, Ph.D., “Healing Psychic Trauma through the Psychoanalytic Relationship” (semi-finalist)

2015Sharon Leak, Ph.D., “Shame and Guilt in Dyslexia and Attention-Deficit Disorder, Perspectives from Clinical Practice and Research”

Phoebe Ann Cirio, M.S.W., LCSW, “Surrendering the Body: Suicide in Adolescence” (semi-finalist)

2014No prize awarded.
2013Alison C. Phillips, M.D., “A Path to ‘No’ ”

A. Chris Heath, M.D., “On the therapeutic action of Placebo” (semi-finalist)

2012No prize awarded.
2011Robin E. Gomolin, Psy.D., “The Intergenerational Theory of Holocaust Trauma: A Systematic Analysis of Psychoanalytic Theory”

Nuar Alsadir, Ph.D., “Laughter: The Only Acceptable Form of Catharsis.” (semi-finalist)

2010Patricia A. Plopa, Ph.D., “Cancer, Candidacy and the Couch”

M. Ann Simmons, Ph.D., M.S.W., “The Bourne Ultimatum: Trauma and Superego” (semi-finalist)

2009Robert Cohen, Ph.D., “Working Through the Analyst’s Contribution to the Patient’s Creative Inhibition”
2008No prize awarded.
2007Catherine Terri Lee, M.D., “Romantic Mirroring and Erotic Transference in the Female Analytic Dyad”

Lisa Anne Miller, M.D., “The Importance of Language in Self Regulation” (semi-finalist)

2006Adele Tutter, M.D., Ph.D., “Medication as Object”

Susan Scheftel, Ph.D., “The World of William Steig: A Creative Representation of Early Separation and Resiliency” (semi-finalist)

2005No prize awarded.
2004John Jemerin, M.D., “Latency and the Capacity to Reflect on Mental States”

Cheryl Eschbach, M.D., Ph.D., “Womb Envy in Character Development” (semi-finalist)

2003Jeffrey Applegate, Ph.D., “Re-Presenting Winnicott: New Findings from Infancy Research and Neurobiology”

Britt-Marie Schiller, Ph.D. and Susan Stiritz, Ph.D., “Transforming Categories: Genealogies of Virginity and Sainthood” (semi-finalist)

Dec. 2001Co-Winners
Elizabeth Wallace, M.D., “Transference, Transformation, and Chocolate”

Carolyn de Pottel, Ph.D., “Rethinking Envy and the Defenses Against It”

2000Forrest Hamer, Ph.D., “Guards at the Gate: Race, Resistance and Psychic Reality”
1999Alan T. Lloyd, M.D., “Metapsychology and the Selfish Gene”

Heather Craige, M.S.W., “Mourning Analysis: the Post-Termination Phase” (semi-finalist)

1998Burton R. Hutto, M.D., “Disparate Goals in Clinical Psychoanalysis”