Freud Day

On May 6th each year, APsaA celebrates the birthday of Sigmund Freud with several activities we call Freud Day.  This includes outreach to the media to offer story ideas such as Freudian Notions of Fantasy Are Apparent in How We Use the Internet and The 12 Things Sigmund Freud Got Right. We also invite members to write articles for our blog, for example Freud is Everywhere and Psychoanalysis! Is That Still Around?. And we promote stories about Freud's contributions to the field on social media. We work with all of our institutes and centers, sister organizations, and international psychoanalytic associations to come together to honor the father of psychoanalysis.

Twitter Chat: What Would Freud Say?

Additionally, as has become tradition, APsaA hosts a live chat via Twitter using the hashtag #FreudDay. We encourage you to participate in our online Twitter chat by asking our experts questions about Sigmund Freud. This year, our experts will be addressing questions related to Freud's theories on culture & society in light of today's many political anxieties.

To participate, login to Twitter and follow @psychoanalysis_ and then search for the #FreudDay hashtag. Using a site such as can be helpful to use when participating in a live chat.