Candidate Assistance Fund

The APsA Candidate Assistance Fund provides loans up to $5,000 to candidates training to be psychoanalysts. The loans, to be repaid within a maximum of six years, are made from a revolving fund so repayment is critical in order to continue making loans. Currently, between five and seven loans are made annually.

Loans are interest-free but carry a one-time 1% service charge that is deducted when the loan is made. Two criteria will be considered in approving a Candidate Assistance Fund loan:

  • Need, as evidenced by an applicant’s financial need.
  • Ability to repay the loan, as evidenced by the applicant’s overall financial health.

Eligibility Requirements

  • APsA psychoanalyst-in-training members in good standing are eligible to apply
  • Applicants must have completed one year of analytic training
  • Financial need must be demonstrated

Applications for loans from the Candidate Assistance Fund are due April 30, 2025.


Psychoanalyst-In-Training Members must submit:

  • A completed Candidate Assistance Fund application, signed by the applicant and the director of the applicant’s institute
  • Pages 1-2 of the applicant’s most recent IRS income tax return as well as Schedule C, if applicable
  • A current curriculum vitae.

These materials must be emailed to Tom Newman no later than the April 30 deadline.

All information contained in the Candidate Assistance Fund application will be treated confidentially and will only be available to those involved in reviewing loan applications.

The Association will notify the applicant by the end of the following June. If approved, a repayment schedule will be determined.

The applicant will sign a loan agreement letter and a promissory note. Upon receipt of these counter-signed documents, the loan funds will be released.

Tom Newman
[email protected]
(347) 519-5343