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“This boy is autistic”: Misinterpretation of Defensive voidance in a Six-Year-Old Boy

June 10 @ 10:00am - 12:00pm EDT

Leon Hoffman, MD, a Psychiatrist and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, will discuss the importance of the therapeutic intervention “interpretation of defenses against painful affects.” This technique, developed by Berta Bornstein, has been indispensable in child and adolescent psychoanalysis. This paper describes in detail the defensive function of a child’s oppositional behavior, negativism, and avoidance. These issues were examined and interpreted in an in-depth treatment (including two years of four-time-a-week psychoanalysis). This was one of the treatments that served as a model for developing the Manual of Regulation-Focused Psychotherapy for Children (RFP-C) with Externalizing Behaviors: A Psychodynamic Approach and the development of the first empirical study of a psychodynamic treatment for children with disruptive disorders. The Triangle of Conflict will be highlighted as a heuristic to conceptualize the development of symptoms. The value of empirical research will be discussed.

Event is June 10, 2023 from 10AM-12PM. Registration closes on June 7th.

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