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Psychoanalytic Takes on the Cinema: Discussion of the Film “The Maid”

June 2, 2023 @ 4:00pm EDT

This talk will use the events in the film as the basis for a discussion of the deadening effects of social inequality and emotional deprivation.  The film depicts the relationship of a middle-aged woman who has served one family as a maid for more than half her life.  While she might seem embedded in the life of the family, and they are portrayed as loving her, in a way, it is clear that she is more object than person to them.  The effect of this, and what seems to be her emotionally depriving relationship with her mother, results in a person who is isolated, manipulative, and both sadistic and masochistic.  Is such a person redeemable?  What can it take to help such a deadened character come back to life?

Scott Dillon