Support APsaA — Giving Opportunities

Support APsaA by making an online donation.

If you prefer to make your donation by mail, you may do so by sending a completed donate by mail form and payment to our office at 309 East 49th Street, New York, NY 10017.

Your contribution to APsaA will make possible projects that can't be funded through the normal operating budget. Additional support is always needed for projects related, but not limited to advocacy, education, and the marketing promotion of psychoanalysis.

Your support also makes possible the Association's ability to respond to unexpected calls for action. Every donation, large or small, helps the future of psychoanalysis

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

The American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) is honored to accept contributions in memory or in honor of your colleagues, family, and friends. These contributions are a thoughtful way to remember or recognize members while supporting the psychoanalytic profession.

Please click here to download the Memorial and Honorary Gift Form.

Give to Support the Fund for Psychoanalytic Research

A donation to the FPR will:

  • Support basic and applied research involving
  • Psychoanalytic perspectives and observations
  • Assist young scholars, and provide research consultation

Give to Support the American Psychoanalytic Foundation

By giving to the APF, you can help make possible programs that promote a better understanding of psychoanalysis and that encourage effective and innovative dissemination of psychoanalytic ideas and services to the public.

  • Pre-school consultation projects
  • Community programs on social issues such as homophobia and racism
  • Library outreach programs

Ways to Give

Credit Card

Call Tom Newman at (212) 752-0450, ext. 25 to use your credit card over the phone, or donate online above.


You can mail your contribution to:

American Psychoanalytic Association
309 East 49th Street
New York, NY  10017

Gifts of Royalties

Many analysts find donating royalties from books and other published materials to APsaA a quick and easy way to give back.

For more information about making a gift to the APsaA, contact Tom Newman at (212) 752-0450.

Stock Gifts

Contributing long-term appreciated securities can help you achieve your philanthropic goals and often can provide special tax savings. In addition to receiving a tax deduction for the gift, the current value of the securities can be deducted regardless of how much they have appreciated, and there is no capital gains tax on the profit.

Donors can support psychoanalysis by making a contribution of long-term appreciated securities. Such gifts often provide special tax savings to the donor. In addition to receiving a tax deduction for the gift, the current value of the securities can be deducted regardless of how much they have appreciated, and the donor does not have to pay any capital gains tax on the profit.

The easiest way to make a stock contribution to APsaA is to transfer stock using the DTC System. To do this, you must write a letter to your custodian/brokerage firm requesting that "X" number of shares be transferred from your account to APsaA by way of the DTC system. Your broker must include their DTC number along with the request.


Please make sure to notify APsaA of your gift (stock and number of shares) PRIOR to the transfer being made so that we can set up receipt of your gift.


Your Financial Institution will need the following information:
Send To:
Charles Schwab & Co.,
1958 Summit Park Drive
Orland, FL  32810
Tax ID Number - 13-1685533
Contact - Customer Service: 800-515-2157


Instruct DTCC eligible securities and the Options Clearing Corporation eligible options to DTC Clearing 0164, Code 40


For Further Credit to Account: American Psychoanalytic Association
Acct. #: 6116-0412