Research Associates Program

Research Associates of the American Psychoanalytic Association (RAAPA) is for research scientists, research oriented clinicians and others with an interest in psychoanalytically oriented research. RAAPA’s mission is to promote the development of empirical investigations of psychoanalytic theory and treatment. RAAPA fosters the collaboration and communication of research developments and results among its Associates.

Program Benefits

  • Reduced registration fee and advance notification of APsaA’s meetings
  • Subscription to APsaA's quarterly magazine, The American Psychoanalyst
  • Participate in the APsaA Community Listserve
  • Special subscription rate to the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (JAPA)

RAAPA works in conjunction with the Science Department to develop Research Forums at APsaA’s National Meeting and facilitate presentations of research at both the National and Annual Meetings in order to enhance the visibility of psychoanalytic research. Advance Research Symposium announcements are sent to RAAPA associates.

Additional programs that may be of interest to researchers are the poster session at APsaA's National Meeting and the Fund for Psychoanalytic Research, which distributes grants.


Yearly enrollment fee: $55

To join, click here.

Planning to attend the upcoming APsaA Meeting? Click here for enrollment deadline.

Individuals who meet the qualifications for active membership in APsaA are not eligible to join the research associates program.


Please call the national office at 212-752-0450 x18 or email