Features APsaA's COVID-19's Back-to-School Fears and Questions: Year Two Article

Back-to-School pandemic stress and uncertainty continues. (Photoy credit: Casezy/Getty Images via Canva)

(August 17, 2021)

In the newest Psychoanalysis Unplugged article on, APsaA COVID-19 Advisory Team's Dan Prezant, Ph.D. addresses the fears and frustrations of children and parents at the start of this new school year under the cloud of the ongoing and ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

"I felt it was important to talk about many of the typical thoughts and questions going through everyone's minds right now and offer my perspective as an analyst who helps children, adolescents and parents. As we're seeing, the pandemic is lingering, and that's causing a lot of uncertainty and stress," said Dr. Prezant, who practices in New York City and is a current acting co-chair of the American Psychoanalytic Association's COVID-19 Advisory Team.

The article: COVID-19's Back-to-School Fears and Questions: Year Two breaks down fears and considerations based on age groups and features many practical ideas to help parents deal with the start of what is likely to be an extremely stressful school year.

"Expect meltdowns and fights. Try not to take it personally," writes Dr. Prezant.

The APsaA COVID-19 Advisory Team offers resources for parents and guardians, which you can find here.

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