News: International Psychoanalytical Association's Declaration Addressing Global Change

The Boston Declaration on the Role of the International Psychoanalytical Association in Addressing Global Change. Written by John Kress, Lindsay Clarkson, Donald Moss and Lynne Zeavin.


1. Humans are severely altering our physical, natural, cultural and social environments across the globe;

2. We, as psychoanalysts, work to understand the internal human forces that militate against action being taken to address this global problem;

3. We, as psychoanalysts and citizens of the planet, must reverse our denial, helplessness, and apathy towards the degradation of our environments;

4. We, as psychoanalysts and citizens of the planet, have an urgent responsibility to stop the acceleration of this process of degradation.

Be it resolved:

1. That the IPA needs to increase the widespread consciousness of the precarious state of the natural world due to the activities of humans;

2. That the IPA should promote psychoanalytical research devoted to understanding human interactions with the natural world;

3. That the IPA, as an immediate concrete action, should divest any financial investments in the fossil fuel industry and increase our support of energy efficient technologies as a symbol of our commitment to solve the environmental crisis.

-25 July 2015
Boston, MA, USA