News: APsaA Launches Research Bibliography


APsaA Launches Research Bibliography 

The Committee on Research Education (CORE) of the American Psychoanalytic Association has developed an online database of a research bibliography – available here.  This project is of central relevance to research education at institutes as well as to other educators, students, and to both novice and experienced researchers.

Though not exhaustive, the bibliography is a comprehensive list of research reviews and studies that are applicable to psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. This bibliography includes basic psychoanalytic and psychodynamic studies—systematic case studies, outcome studies, process studies, and studies on theoretical issues. It can be used as a resource for teaching and literature reviews that a student or researcher can utilize for his/her research. It can become a stimulus to enhance the academic standing of the field.

Users can search for references by any term in the reference field, for example: author, year, journal, keywords in the title, etc. References may be sorted by topic, year, or first author.

Our aim is to develop a procedure whereby researchers and others can submit appropriate material to be listed on the database, and to update the list on a regular basis.  We also intend to include links from this database to several others, such as the Open Door Review of the International Psychoanalytical Association. This is, as many know, a very comprehensive document, both historically and contemporaneously, covering several areas of relevant research.

The initial compilation of APsaA research bibliography was first developed under the leadership of Ayelet Barkai and John Porcerelli. This initial document was then converted into a searchable database by Sean Murphy.

CORE is chaired by Leon Hoffman and Wilma Bucci.