New Video Resource for Mental Health Professionals

The American Psychoanalytic Association's COVID-19 Advisory Team answers many important questions for psychoanalyists and others during these transitional times in a new APsaA Roundtable released this week.

The APsaA Roundtable: To Open or Not to Open? is featured on the APsaA YouTube Channel.

Five leading psychoanalysts and APsaA members shared their insights in this engaging format, answering the following questions that are top of mind as practioners make decisions about returning to in-person work.

Here are the topics:

• To open or not to open?

• What are the practical considerations for our offices, our patients and ourselves?

• How do we deal with the vaccination situation?

• What are considerations regarding working with children and special populations?

• Issues surrounding our personal mental health?

The psychoanalysts who shared their experiences are David Scharff, M.D. of Washington, D.C. who served as host and is the Co-Chair of APsaA's COVID-19 Advisory Team, Dan Prezant, Ph.D. of New York, team Acting Co-Chair, Gail Saltz, M.D of New York, a member of APsaA's Committee on Public Information, and team members Jeff Taxman, M.D. of Mequon, Wisconsin and Gennifer Lane Briggs, LCSW a psychoanalyst in Miami, Florida who (along with Gillian Isaacs, Ph.D.) spearheaded a highly-regarded peer support program for mental health care providers during the pandemic. The video was edited by Olivia Geyelin Productions.

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