JAPA Prize Winners


Stephen Seligman for "Illusion as a Basic Psychic Principle: Winnicott, Freud, Oedipus, and Trump." published in JAPA, 66/2

Dionne R. Powell for "Race, African Americans, and Psychoanalysis: Collective Silence in the Therapeutic Situation." JAPA 66/6


Joshua Holmes for "Countertransference before Heimann: A historical exploration." published in JAPA 62/4. 

Daniel Rosengart for "A special sort of forgetting: Negation in Freud and Augustine." published in JAPA 64/2 


Susan Coates for "Can babies remember trauma? Symbolic forms of representation in traumatized infants." published in JAPA 64/4. 

Rebecca Chaplan for her Book Essay, "H is for Hawk". published in JAPA 64/1.

2015 Signe Holm Pedersen, Stig Poulsen, and Susanne Lunn for "Eating disorders and mentalization: High reflective functioning in patients with Bulimia Nervosa." published in JAPA63/4.

Avgi Saketopoulou, Psy.D. for her paper “Mourning the Body as Bedrock: Developmental Considerations in Treating Transsexual Patients Analytically” published in JAPA 62:5


Allannah Furlong, Ph.D. for her paper "An Example of Dehumanization as a Shield
Against Our Helpless Openness to the Other" published in JAPA 61:3


Jeanine M. Vivona, Ph.D. for her paper "Is There a Period of Nonverbal Development" published in JAPA 60:2


Jeanne C. Harasemovitch, LCSW for her paper "(A)Temporal Dialectic: Creative
Conversations Between Timelessness/Time and Transference" published in JAPA 59:6


Mari Ruti, Ph.D. for her paper "The Singularity of Being: Lacan and the Immortal Within" published in JAPA 58:6


Eve Caligor, M.D., Diana Diamond, Ph.D., Frank E. Yeomans, M.D., Ph.D., and Otto F. Kernberg, M.D. for their paper "The Interpretive Process in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Borderline Personality Pathology" published in JAPA 57:2


Joel Whitebook, Ph.D. for his paper "Hans Loewald, Psychoanalysis, and the Project of Autonomy" published in JAPA 56:4
Ruth Stein, Ph.D. for her paper "The Otherness of Sexuality: Excess" published in JAPA 56:1


Irwin C. Rosen, Ph.D. for his paper "Revenge--The Hate that Dare Not Speak its Name: A Psychoanalytic Perspective" published in JAPA 55:2


Jeanine M. Vivona, Ph.D. for her paper "From Developmental Metaphor to Developmental Model: The Shrinking Role of Language in the Talking Cure," published in JAPA 54:3


Melvin R. Lansky, M.D. for his paper "The Impossibility of Forgiveness: Shame Fantasies
as Instigators of Vengefulness in Euripides' Medea"


Leon Wurmser, M.D. – for his book essay "Psychoanalytic Reflections on 9/11,
Terrorism, and Genocidal Prejudice: Roots and Sequels"


Rosemary H. Balsam – "The Vanished Pregnant Body in Psychoanalytic Female Developmental Theory
Richard M. Gottlieb – "Psychosomatic Medicine: the Divergent Legacies of Freud and Janet"
Mitchell Wilson – "The Analyst's Desire and the Problem of Narcissistic Resistances"


Bonnie Litowitz — "Sexuality and Textuality"
Warren Poland —"The Interpretive Attitude"


Rosemary Balsam — "The Integration of Female and Male Identification in a Woman's Gender Identity"
Henry F. Smith — "Hearing Voices: The Fate of the Analyst's Identifications."


Arnold Goldberg, M.D. – "Between Empathy and Judgment"


Mary Main — "The Organized Categories of Infant, Child, and Adult Attachment: Flexible vs. Inflexible Attention Under Attachment-Related Stress"
Erik Hesse and Mary Main — "Disorganized Infant, Child, and Adult Attachment: Collapse in Behavioral and Attentional Strategies"


Arnold Goldberg, M.D. — "Between Empathy and Judgment" (1997)
Philip S. Wong — "Anxiety, Signal Anxiety, and Unconscious Anticipation: Neuroscientific
   Evidence for an Unconscious Signal Functions in Humans." (1997)


Jennifer I. Downey and Richard C. Friedman — "Female Homosexuality: Classical Psychoanalytic Theory Reconsidered"


George J. Makari — Dora's Hysteria and the Maturation of Sigmund Freud's Transference
Theory: A New Historical Interpretation
Barry Opatow — "The Real Unconscious: Psychoanalysis as a Theory of


Peter Fonay and Mary Target— "Predictors of Outcome in Child Psychoanalysis: A
Retrospective of 763 Cases at the Anna Freud Center (44/1)
Judith A. Yanof: —"Language, Communication, and Transference in Child Analysis: I.
Selective Mutism: The Medium is the Message; II. Is Child Analysis Really Analysis"


Peter Fonagy, Ph.D., Miriam Steele, Ph.D., George Moran, Ph.D., Howard Steele, Ph.D.
and Anna Higgitt, M.D. — "Measuring the Ghost in the Nursery: An Empirical Study of the
Relation between Parents' Mental Representations of Childhood Experiences and Their
Infants' Security by Attachment," 41 (1993)


Linda A. Wimer Brakel, M.D. — "Shall Drawing Become Part of Free Association?: A
Proposal for a Modification in Psychoanalytic Technique," 41 (1993)
Robert B. Clyman, M.D. — "The Procedural Organization of Emotions: A Contribution
from Cognitive Science to the Psychoanalytic Theory of Therapeutic Action," 39
(Suppl., 1991)


Philip Rubovits-Seitz, M.D.—"Interpretive Methodology: Some Problems, Limitations, and Remedial Strategies," 40 (1992)


Enrico E. Jones, Ph.D. and Michael Windholz, Ph.D. — "The Psychoanalytic Case Study: Toward a New Method of Systematic Inquiry," 38 (1990)


Steven H. Cooper, Ph.D. — "Recent Contributions to the Theory of Defense Mechanisms: A Comparative View," 37 (1989)


Steven T. Levy, M.D. and Lawrence B. Inderbitzin, M.D. — "Negativism and
Countertransference," 37 (1989)
Linda A. Wimer Brakel, M.D. — "Understanding Negative Hallucination: Toward a
Developmental Classification of Disturbances in Reality Awareness," 37 (1989)


Marsha Cavell, Ph.D. — "Interpretation, Psychoanalysis, and the Philosophy of Mind," 36 (1988)


Evelyne Albrecht Schwaber, M.D. — "Reconstruction and Perceptual Experience: Further
Thoughts on Psychoanalytic Listening," 34 (1986)
Gail Reed, Ph.D. — "Rules of Clinical Understanding in Classical Psychoanalysis and in
Self Psychology," 35 (1987)


Axel Hoffer, M.D. — "Toward a Definition of Psychoanalytic Neutrality," 33 (1985)
Philip S. Holzman, Ph.D. — "Psychoanalysis: Is the Therapy Destroying the Science?" 33 (1985)


Jacob A. Arlow, M.D. — "The Concept of Psychic Reality and Related Problems," 33
Margaret S. Mahler, Sc.D. (Med.) and John B. Devitt, M.D. — "Thoughts on the
Emergence of the Sense of Self, with Particular Emphasis on the Body Self," 30


Robert N. Emde, M.D. — "From Adolescence to Midlife: Remodeling the Structure of Adult Development," 33 (1985)


Judith F. Chused, M.D. — "The Role of Analytic Neutrality in the Use of the Child Analyst
as a New Object," 30 (1982)
Leo Stone, M.D. — "Notes on the Noninterpretive Elements in the Psychoanalytic Situation
and Process," 29 (1981)
Leo Rangell, M.D. — "From Insight to Change," 29 (1981)


Jeffrey Andresen, M.D. — "Rapunzel: The Symbolism of the Cutting of Hair," 28 (1980)
Hans W. Loewald, M.D. — "The Waning of the Oedipus Complex," 27 (1979)


Mark Kanzer, M.D. — "Object Relations Theory: An Introduction," 27 (1979)
Annemarie P. Weil, M.D. — "Maturational Variations in Genetic-Dynamic Issues," 26 (1978)

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