Educator Associates Program

The educator associates category is for educators interested in integrating psychoanalytic principles and ideas into their teaching and scholarship. Full-time academics -- teachers, administrators, professors, faculty members, deans, directors, and school counselors at all levels of education, preschool through university -- are eligible.

Program Benefits

  • Advance notification and reduced registration fee for APsaA’s meetings
  • Complimentary subscription to APsaA's quarterly magazine, The American Psychoanalyst
  • Participate in the APsaA Community Listserve
  • Special subscription rate to the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (JAPA)

In addition, APsaA hosts a special educator symposium at the National Meeting. This is a specially designed event that provides opportunities for educators and psychoanalysts to discuss critical child issues (development, anxiety, sexuality, abuse, trauma, and more) and to build the bridges that these related fields require.


Yearly enrollment fee: $55.00.

To Join, click here.

Planning to attend the upcoming APsaA Meeting? Click here for enrollment deadline.

Please call 212-752-0450 x18 or email with questions.

Note: Individuals who meet the qualifications for active membership in APsaA are not eligible to join the educator associates program.