Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute Steps Up to Help

March 4, 2022

The Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute has a Ukrainian candidate seeking specific kinds of help for Ukrainian children, adolescents and parents.

First, there are Ukrainian-speaking and Russian-speaking refugee children being sent to the U.S. for safety.  These are children in need of therapeutic support.  The Chicago Instittute is soliciting help from any therapists who speak Ukrainian and/or Russian who are willing to contribute time to provide therapeutic support to these children.

Second, he is requesting any fact sheets or guides that can be shared with Ukrainian parents and other adults about the impact of the crisis on their children and adolescents, ie, how to deal with the panic, fear, terorr and stress in the moment of this onoging and unfolding crisis.  He will translate the material into Ukrainian so it can be distributed and shared with families there.

Please send any information about volunteer therapists or crisis intervention guides directly to:

Erika Schmidt, MSW, Preisdent of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute

The Chicago Institute, and APsaA thank you for any support you can provide.