Candidate Member Information

Under Construction 

Membership in the American Psychoanalytic Association has recently (as of February 2023) expanded and now includes psychoanalysts, psychoanalytic psychotherapists, academics, researchers and others - all whose work is profoundly informed by psychoanalytic theory and values.  Policies and procedures are now being developed and changes will be implemented in phases.  During this period of implementation, we thank you for your patience as we prepare for this new and exciting membership expansion.

Psychoanalyst-in-Training Member

Psychoanalysts in training can join APsA to identify with, support and advance psychoanalysis. APsA provides members with direct benefits to meet the needs of psychoanalytic candidates.

Eligibility of Psychoanalyst-in-Training Membership

Candidates accepted for full clinical psychoanalytic training in an APsaA approved institute or new training facility are eligible for Psychoanalyst-in-Training Membership. Candidates seeking to join will receive an application once notification of enrollment is received from the APsA approved  institute. Candidates in non-clinical (academic) training in an APsaA approved institute are eligible to join APsA in the academic-in-training member or research-in-training member categories. 
Candidates in clinical psychoanalytic training at a Component Society of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) are also eligible to join APsA's Psychoanalyst-in-Training Membership.  Click here to contact membership services for an application for candidates at IPA component societies.  
  • Candidates in non-clinical (academic) training in an APsA approved institute are eligible to join APsA in the academic-in-training member or researcher-in-training member categories. 

Benefits of Candidate Membership

One of the most important reasons for belonging to the American Psychoanalytic Association is that you become part of the voice that advocates for psychoanalysis across the country.

APsaA membership helps you to:

Advance Psychoanalysis

  • Advocate for the highest standards of psychoanalytic treatment, education, and scientific inquiry.
  • Support a scientific/humanistic treatment approach that promotes individual freedom and growth.
  • Foster public understanding and study of the human condition.

Be Heard

  • Magnify your voice on health care reform.
  • Lobby and educate Congress about the profession.

Enhance Your Professional Education

  • Receive a significant discount on APsaA meeting registration fees.
  • Participate in national scientific meetings, study groups, on-line discussions, public dialogues and scientific publications.
  • Earn continuing education credits toward maintaining professional licensure.
  • Receive preferred subscription rates to the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association and the International Journal of Psychoanalysis
  • Get a free subscription to APsaA's quarterly magazine, The American Psychoanalyst.
  • Gain access to APsaA's practice bulletins, which provide in-depth technical information on standards and policies of writing reports for external review and documentation.

Network with Colleagues

  • Meet with peers at APsaA's social, scientific, and political networking events.
  • Become meaningfully involved in Association leadership and gain a diversity of experience and perspectives.
  • Gain referrals via the biannual meetings and members-only email lists and discussion forums. 

Participate Online

  • Be listed in Find an Analyst and link your listing directly to your  personal webpage.
  • Subscribe to APsaA's active lists, including timely news and announcements as well as online discussions.
  • Gain access to APsaA's practice toolbox and bulletins which provide in-depth technical information on standards and policies of writing reports for external review and documentation, updates on privacy and HIPPA-related issues, developing professional wills, and much more. 

Share in Group Benefits

  • Eligibility for low-cost malpractice/professional liability for psychiatrists, psychologists, and social work practitioners. Discounts on other insurance products such as small business owners insurance, long-term disability, and individual life insurance.    
  • Discounts with our partner, TherapySites, a company that designs professional, affordable, and effective websites for psychotherapists and analysts. Designing is easy and everything is included, from credit card processing and managing appointment requests to helping with search engine optimization (SEO), and many more features. Members pay a monthly hosting fee at reduced prices with no long-term contracts.
  • Receive a 10% discount from The Analytic Couch Company, which provides practitioners with stylish and professional furniture.