APsaA Statement on Crisis in Ukraine

February 28, 2022, New York, New York

The American Psychoanalytic Association stands with the International Psychoanalytic Association and other organizations around the world as we offer support and solidarity to our colleagues and all the people of Ukraine and neighboring countries impacted by this crisis.

“As psychoanalysts we care about democracy and human rights.  Witnessing from afar the invasion of the Ukraine and the violation of basic human decency by an authoritarian regime is terrifying and can make us feel helpless but we can draw inspiration from the heroic determination of the Ukrainian people to resist,” said William C. Glover, Ph.D., APsaA President.

APsaA members are especially concerned about the impact on children in Ukraine. Trauma, separation and the frightening realities of fleeing their homes or hunkering down in fear are top of mind for our members at this time. Some APsaA members are stepping up to volunteer their time and professional skills and we thank them for this.

One of our members shared with us how an academic colleague in Poland is sheltering 14 child refugees from Ukraine in her home. 

If you wish to help, the easiest thing to do is support a nonprofit organization of your choice.

Below is a list with links to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations some of our members are supporting.

United Help Ukraine

Medicins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders

International Rescue Committee

APsaA hopes Russia heeds the call of NATO Heads of State and Government to “immediately cease its military assault, to withdraw all its forces from Ukraine and to turn back from the path of aggression it has chosen. This long-planned attack on Ukraine, an independent, peaceful and democratic country, is brutal and wholly unprovoked and unjustified.”

Let us not forget that humanitarian crises stemming from violent conflict exist all over the world. Afghanistan, Congo, Haiti, Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Kashmir to name a few. These conflicts also deserve our attention. We must work for peace and justice throughout the world.