What are the benefits of applying to the fellowship?

Association Meetings
All applicants will have their registration fee waived for the National and (if occuring) Annual Meetings following the application deadline. The first meeting for which they can receive complimentary registration takes place in June; the second, in February.

Mentorship Program
All applicants, whether or not they receive a fellowship, have the option to request to be matched with an experienced psychoanalyst as a mentor. When possible, the mentor will be someone who lives near the mentee. Applicants who live in geographic areas where there are no available mentors will be assigned a mentor who lives as near as possible or who can be reached via FaceTime. Occasionally, due to a limited mentor pool, a match is unable to be made.

The job of the mentor is to make analysis approachable. The pair will meet monthly to develop an individual program to further the mentee’s clinical, scholarly, and research interests. The mentor is available to discuss readings, cases, and research. In the past, some pairs have written papers together. Mentors may make introductions to other psychoanalysts with research or other intellectual interests similar to those of the mentee's. In other words, your mentor will do whatever they can to foster your interest in and understanding of psychoanalysis.

All applicants will receive a one-year subscription to The American Psychoanalyst.

What are the benefits of winning a fellowship?

Association Meetings
Fellows will have their expenses (including travel, lodging, food, and meeting registration fee) covered for the meetings of the American Psychoanalytic Association that take place during their fellowship year (February and June).

Fellows will attend a special program which includes regular scientific sessions and events arranged especially for them. They will be invited to present clinical research and other material at the Clinical Conferences for Residents, Psychology and Social Work Trainees, and Students as well as a variety of workshops and discussion groups. Where appropriate, they will be invited to join committees of the Association.

Fellows will also be invited to lunch with the members of the Fellowship Committee and will have dinner together as a group to promote informal networking. If several of the fellows have similar interests, they will be invited to form a group and arrange a presentation of their work during the Association's meetings.

Buddies and a Second Mentor
Buddies are winners of the fellowship program from the preceding year. A buddy will be assigned to each new fellow. The purpose is to make the fellowship year a rewarding one by providing a network of support, especially prior to the National Meeting as well as during the meetings and throughout the year. Fellows may request a second mentor to guide them in a specific area of psychoanalysis.

Subscriptions and Books
Fellows will receive:

Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP)
PEP contains over 50,000 articles and 23 classic books covering 80 years of key psychoanalytic literature which is fully linked and searchable. PEP is perfect for teaching, research, writing, and browsing. A special reduced rate is available for Fellows.

Library Privileges
Fellows will have one-year privileges at the Brill Library in New York City including borrowing privileges; access to email, phone and on-site reference services; and invitations to all events sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Fellowship Alumni Association (FAA)
At the end of the fellowship year, fellows will become members of the Fellowship Alumni Association (FAA) to further their involvement in APsaA and in psychoanalysis.