APsaA Calls for Ethical Campaigning and Fair Elections to Unite the Nation


New York, NY – September 25, 2020 – As part of its mission, the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) contributes thoughtful perspectives on important health and social issues. In the midst of the global pandemic, racial unrest, and economic recession, the nation is badly divided and approaching a pivotal election. This prominent group of mental healthcare professionals calls for honest campaigning and fair elections that will restore faith in our democracy and provide moral leadership in uniting the country.

“While psychoanalysis is known for its focus on individual issues and personal traumas rather than social ones, there is a long tradition of psychoanalytic activism,” said William Glover, President of APsaA. “Recently we have taken strong positions on issues affecting public health and well-being where we have expertise and a deep, unique perspective, including COVID-19, racial inequality, LGBTQ rights, and the treatment of immigrants.

APsaA does not endorse candidates but we encourage our members to be active in social and political issues that are key determinants of public mental health. “However, it is essential that for our health as a nation that our leaders have integrity and respect for truth, science, the law, and for democracy if they are to help us meet the crises we face. We call on all voters, including mental health professionals, to inform themselves and participate in the civic responsibility of this election so important to our future as a healthy and democratic society,” continued Glover.

On Saturday, September 26, APsaA will be hosting a half-day virtual meeting called “Psychoanalysis & Activism, Today”. This three-part program is designed to enhance practitioners’ awareness of the social context as both mental healthcare professionals and activists in the world outside their consulting rooms. For more information on this event, visit apsameeting.org.

About the American Psychoanalytic Association:

APsaA is the oldest and largest professional organization for psychoanalysts in North America, representing 3,000 members, 33 approved training institutes, and 39 affiliate societies throughout the United States. For more than 100 years, the association has issued position statements on vital social issues. Visit apsa.org/position-statements.