APsaA Calls for Considered Action on Immigration and Religious Discrimination

The American Psychoanalytic Association Speaks to the Need for Considered Action on Immigration and Religious Discrimination

February 10, 2016 - In line with statements from partner mental health organizations, the American Psychoanalytic Association urges the current Administration and the Congress to be aware of the damaging effect that separation and religious discrimination have on the families, including children, of immigrants and refugees currently blocked from entry into the United States as well as those, including students, faculty and researchers, who fear leaving the country to care for family because they might not be able to return.
The suffering induced in individuals forcibly separated from loved ones is something all Americans can understand.  The fear induced in citizens and documented immigrants who originate from identified "target" countries is also something that everyone can understand.
We treat our soldiers for PTSD resulting from combat abroad.  We now face the need to treat our citizens at home for psychological trauma related to forced separation from family members who are ill or dependent but no longer reachable, as well as trauma induced by discrimination.
We implore the U.S. House and Senate to recognize the mental health needs of families in their constituencies and take action to enact humane immigration and refugee policies.  We also urge our members to advocate for policies that protect their patients and colleagues by contacting their elected representatives.