The Peter Loewenberg Essay Prize In Psychoanalysis and Culture (formerly the CORST Essay Prize)

(Established in 1997)

Daniel Butler
"Resignation Syndrome and the Psychopolitics of Petrification"
Christopher Miller
"Confusion of Tears: The Deadened Oedipal Couple and Predatory Identifications in the Rape of Lucrece"
Christine Maksimowicz, Ph.D.
“Poverty, Parenting, and the Foreclosure of ‘Ordinary Devotion’: Rethinking Winnicott Socioanalytically”
Gavriel Reisner
“Ghosted and Ancestral Selves in Hamlet”
2014 Danielle Knafo, Ph.D.
"For the Love of Death: Somnophilic and Necrophilic Acts and Fantasies"
2013 Ann P. McMahon, Ph.D.
"The Power of Processes: The Integration of Engineering, Psychoanalysis and Education"
2012 Adele Tutter, M.D., Ph.D.
"Notes on art, loss, and nationalism under political oppression: The photography of Josef Sudek—angel with a missing wing"
2011 Marcelo Zigaran
"Music as an Expression of a Drive"
2010 Ellen Schattschneider, Ph.D.
"The Fetish Goes to War: Disavowal and the Family Romance in Modern Japan"

Dawn Skorczewski, Ph.D.
"You, I, we created the poet": Anne Sexton's Recorded Therapy Sessions"

2008 Elise Miller, Ph.D.
"Whose Subject?: What Literary Authors Can Teach Clinicians Who Write About Patients"
2007 Elise Miller, Ph.D.
"Narrating Trauma: Autobiography and Healing"
2006 Kevin Groark, Ph.D.
"Placing the Self: Dreaming, Discourse, and Disavowed Volition among the Tzotzil Maya
of Highland Chiapas, Mexico"
2005 George Mashour, M.D., Ph.D.
"Toward a General Theory of Unconscious Processes in Psychoanalysis and
2004 Naomi Janowitz, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Studies at UC Davis
"Lusting for Death: Some Unconscious Meanings of Martyrdom Traditions"
2003 Anne C. Dailey
"Psychoanalysis and the Ideal of Reasoned Deliberation in Constitutional Law"
2002 Diane O'Donoghue, Ph.D
"Negotiations of Surface: Archeology Within the Early Strata of Psychoanalysis"
2001 Tammy Clewell, Ph.D.
"Mourning Beyond Melancholia: Freud's Psychoanalysis of Loss"
2000 Joseph Aguayo, Ph.D.
"The Patronal Background of Melanie Klein's Work and Interpretations of Anna and
Sigmund Freud's Conceptualizations of the Child, 1914-1932"
1999 Laura Mandell, Ph.D.
"Melancholia's Cure or Resurrection by Poetry"
1998 Norman Doidge M.D.
"Diagnosing The English Patient: Contributions to Understanding"
1997 Janice Coco Ph.D.
"Exploring the Frontier from the Inside Out"

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