The Peter Loewenberg Essay Prize In Psychoanalysis and Culture (formerly the CORST Essay Prize)

(Established in 1997)

Richard P. Wheeler,
“The Pursuit of Sadness: Lullaby of Country”
Daniel Butler
"Resignation Syndrome and the Psychopolitics of Petrification"
Christopher Miller
"Confusion of Tears: The Deadened Oedipal Couple and Predatory Identifications in the Rape of Lucrece"
Christine Maksimowicz, Ph.D.
“Poverty, Parenting, and the Foreclosure of ‘Ordinary Devotion’: Rethinking Winnicott Socioanalytically”
Gavriel Reisner
“Ghosted and Ancestral Selves in Hamlet”
2014 Danielle Knafo, Ph.D.
"For the Love of Death: Somnophilic and Necrophilic Acts and Fantasies"
2013 Ann P. McMahon, Ph.D.
"The Power of Processes: The Integration of Engineering, Psychoanalysis and Education"
2012 Adele Tutter, M.D., Ph.D.
"Notes on art, loss, and nationalism under political oppression: The photography of Josef Sudek—angel with a missing wing"
2011 Marcelo Zigaran
"Music as an Expression of a Drive"
2010 Ellen Schattschneider, Ph.D.
"The Fetish Goes to War: Disavowal and the Family Romance in Modern Japan"

Dawn Skorczewski, Ph.D.
"You, I, we created the poet": Anne Sexton's Recorded Therapy Sessions"

2008 Elise Miller, Ph.D.
"Whose Subject?: What Literary Authors Can Teach Clinicians Who Write About Patients"
2007 Elise Miller, Ph.D.
"Narrating Trauma: Autobiography and Healing"
2006 Kevin Groark, Ph.D.
"Placing the Self: Dreaming, Discourse, and Disavowed Volition among the Tzotzil Maya
of Highland Chiapas, Mexico"
2005 George Mashour, M.D., Ph.D.
"Toward a General Theory of Unconscious Processes in Psychoanalysis and
2004 Naomi Janowitz, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Studies at UC Davis
"Lusting for Death: Some Unconscious Meanings of Martyrdom Traditions"
2003 Anne C. Dailey
"Psychoanalysis and the Ideal of Reasoned Deliberation in Constitutional Law"
2002 Diane O'Donoghue, Ph.D
"Negotiations of Surface: Archeology Within the Early Strata of Psychoanalysis"
2001 Tammy Clewell, Ph.D.
"Mourning Beyond Melancholia: Freud's Psychoanalysis of Loss"
2000 Joseph Aguayo, Ph.D.
"The Patronal Background of Melanie Klein's Work and Interpretations of Anna and
Sigmund Freud's Conceptualizations of the Child, 1914-1932"
1999 Laura Mandell, Ph.D.
"Melancholia's Cure or Resurrection by Poetry"
1998 Norman Doidge M.D.
"Diagnosing The English Patient: Contributions to Understanding"
1997 Janice Coco Ph.D.
"Exploring the Frontier from the Inside Out"

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