DPE Education Forum 80667

Committee Type: Department of Psychoanalytic Education

Description: The mission of this group is to facilitate a thoughtful, disciplined, and respectful discussion/debate that goes beyond polarized diatribes and, instead, encourages genuine study and consideration of the complexities of the issue being discussed. The Forum, which will meet semi-annually at both national meetings of APsaA, is the formal structure at which each APsaA approved training program will have representation for communicating its thoughts, concerns, and wishes for DPE’s encouragement and facilitation of high quality psychoanalytic training and education. The Forum will have two specific functions. At each meeting, training program representatives will share interests, problems, innovative approaches to pedagogy, and so on with each other. In this way, they will have a formal opportunity to learn how others are approaching education and to learn from each other’s successes and failures. The other function that will take up part of the meeting will be a discussion of controversial issues within psychoanalytic education.

Member Name Start Date End Date Position
James W. Barron 2022 / 06 2026 / 06 Chairperson of Committee
Paula Christian-Kliger 2024 / 06 2026 / 06 Co-Chairperson