DPE Erik Gann Psychoanalytic Scholarship Forum 80650

Committee Type: Department of Psychoanalytic Education

Description: The mission of this group is to provide both an arena and an impetus for the presentation and open discussion of ideas, discoveries, practices, research and theories both within and outside the domain of psychoanalysis that should have an impact on the education of future psychoanalysts. Underlying the creation of the PSF is an implicit inquiry regarding what it will mean to be a psychoanalyst in the 21st Century and what are the implications, then, for psychoanalytic education. The development of the identity of the psychoanalyst as extending beyond that of a practitioner of the traditional, clinical method will be informed by the hoped for dialogue emanating from the PSF programs, which will be organized to examine scholarship from any corner of the intellectual landscape, as it may or should intersect with psychoanalytic thinking. This ambition, then, should promote a further inquiry as to what will constitute psychoanalytic education as we proceed into the future. This Forum should be the place where innovative thinking and discourse can occur to lead to creative recommendations to be communicated to the Psychoanalytic Education and Training Forum and the DPE Section committees and study groups for more specific operational considerations to be developed and made available to affiliated institutes and training centers.

Member Name Start Date End Date Position
Robert M. Galatzer-Levy 2024 / 03 2026 / 06 Chairperson of Committee