DPE Psychoanalyst in the Community Section 80641

Committee Type: Department of Psychoanalytic Education

Description: The mission of this group is threefold. We aim to increase recognition and support within our institutes, societies, and our national organization of the various ways our members are applying their psychoanalytic knowledge and skill in the community and of the value of their activities. To capture the rich learning resulting from those activities; incorporate that learning into seminars, programs, and other educational activities in our institutes, societies, and APsaA. And finally, to foster an open dialogue and active questioning within APsaA about the roles of the psychoanalyst in the community and integrate those roles into our individual and collective psychoanalytic identities.

Member Name Start Date End Date Position
Mary Margaret McClure 2018 / 06 - Member of Committee
Lizbeth Moses 2024 / 06 2026 / 06 Chairperson of Committee
Lee Slome 2024 / 06 2026 / 06 Member of Committee