DPE Study Group Psychoanalytic Education and Aging 80617

Committee Type: Department of Psychoanalytic Education

Description: The mission of this group is to study and initiate activities related to the integration of late life into the basic core of psychoanalytic training, from candidacy through post-graduate education. The COPS study group on Psychoanalytic Education and Aging has reached a consensus that psychoanalytic knowledge of late life is of essential relevance to the education and practice of all analysts. The dramatic age demographic shift towards an older population both worldwide and within APsaA psychoanalytic communities underscores the opportunities to extend psychoanalysis to more aging patients and to focus more attention on the ethical responsibilities of our own aging. Activities include developing reference resources for curriculum development on issues related to late life aging, advocacy for the inclusion of late life education in psychoanalytic training programs, and supporting the accumulation of knowledge and research in the area of psychoanalytic perspectives on birth to death psychic development.

Member Name Start Date End Date Position
Audrey Kavka 2015 / 06 2026 / 06 Chairperson of Committee
Mary Landy - - Ex Officio