DPE Study Group Erotic Transferences 86009

Committee Type: Department of Psychoanalytic Education

Description: This group focuses on the erotic transference, which was so center to Freud's theories and clinical findings, seems to have diminished in contemporary psychoanalytic education and practice. This mission of this study group is to address this issue: first, is this really the case and if so, what might be the reasons for this phenomenon? Are there theoretical and technical shifts that may account for it? Might erotic countertransferences be at play? Another question to be addressed is how psychoanalytic educators and supervisors can revive attention to the erotic transference. The study group might suggest whether curriculum changes are needed in psychoanalytic institutes and/or promote other means of building awareness of erotic aspects of the therapeutic relationship.

Member Name Start Date End Date Position
Mary Landy 2023 / 08 - Ex Officio
Barbara F. Marcus 2014 / 06 - Chairperson of Committee