Confidentiality 111645

Committee Type: Membership Services and Programs Department

Description: The Mission of the Committee on Confidentiality is to advise and educate the Association and members of the association on matters of confidentiality, including issues related to the use of technology in our practice. The Committee is available to other committees and individual members for consultation, peer reviews, and processing of all major decisions on confidentiality.The Committee will collaborate, as may be necessary, with other APsaA committees that focus on legislative and ethical issues as they relate to confidentiality. Specific Tasks are: • To provide consultation to members who have questions involving guarding patients’ confidentiality; to provide consultation to institutes and societies about privacy concerns. • To provide advice to APsaA regarding confidentiality concerns. • To post guidelines periodically on the listserve for insuring appropriate confidentiality. • To monitor messages sent via the listserve (especially for referrals) and send comments to members when they seem to violate confidentiality guidelines(e.g., providing too much information about the patient). • To monitor other aspects of organizational activity and advise APsaA about problems with maintaining confidentiality. • To maintain an ongoing dialogue between the members of the Committee via e-mail or phone regarding the execution of the different tasks and consultation on different questions regarding confidentiality and guarding privacy. • To conduct twice a year meetings during the association’s annual and scientific meetings. • To process important issues together in order to arrive at a consensus regarding different issues of confidentiality; to reach a consensus regarding considerations that might override confidentiality.The Committee will use the annual meetings to discuss these issues. • To organize a Discussion Group on Confidentiality issues at the January meetings of the APsaA.

Member Name Start Date End Date Position
Allannah Furlong 2022 / 08 2026 / 06 Member of Committee
Kim Gele 2012 / 07 2026 / 06 Member of Committee
Kevin V. Kelly 2010 / 05 2026 / 06 Member of Committee
Kathleen O'Connor 2018 / 06 2026 / 06 Member of Committee
Peter L. Rudnytsky 2018 / 06 2026 / 06 Chairperson of Committee
Stephanie Schechter 2021 / 10 2026 / 06 Member of Committee
Konstantinos Taliouridis 2023 / 06 2026 / 06 Member of Committee