Call for proposals

APsA is pleased to announce the call for proposals for APsA’s 2025 National Meeting set to take place from February 4-9, 2025, in San Francisco, California.

We are eager to welcome fresh voices—whether they are first-time presenters, candidates, graduate students, or psychotherapists—while also extending a warm invitation to seasoned analysts, therapists, educators, and researchers.  Furthermore, APsA encourages cross-disciplinary engagement, inviting scholars from diverse fields with an interest in psychoanalysis to participate. Please help by encouraging colleagues and friends to apply and attend. APsA accepts proposals from members and non-members.

In our efforts to be as open as possible to the state of the field, the National Meeting program will not have a designated theme.

Insights from APsA’s recent Needs Assessment survey will help shape our program.

Check out the priority education topics as a result of the Needs Assessment survey. If you are an expert or conducting research in one of these topics, we encourage you to submit a proposal.

We are looking for proposals in a variety of formats: papers, panels, discussions groups, symposia, etc. Our aim is to demonstrate the utility of clinical psychoanalysis as well as its application to our world today.

Proposals should address pressing contemporary psychoanalytic issues, which include, but are not limited to:

1) ongoing developments in theory, psychoanalytic practice, research, and education

2) our expanding self-definition: what does and does not constitute “psychoanalysis”

3) social and historical determinants in the formation of maintenance of psychic realities

4) our relation to the cultural surround, past and present

5) our conceptualizations of identity: self, race, gender, sexualities

At APsA we embrace diversity in its fullest spectrum and therefore will give great consideration to proposals that include diverse perspectives, including gender identities, sexual orientations, race, ethnicity, Indigenous heritage, geographical locations, economic backgrounds, and diverse life experiences.

  1. All proposals will undergo a blind review process.  The identity of proposal submitters will be hidden to reviewers.
  2. Please remember to disguise any patient information contained in your proposal.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, APsA members presenting on the scientific program are required to pay a registration fee. Non-APsA members presenting on the scientific program will receive complimentary admission to the session at which they are presenting. However, if they wish to attend other sessions on the program, they are required to pay the appropriate registration fee.

All faculty must commit to attending in person.

When proposing faculty for your session, make sure they understand the registration and in-person expectation.

April 1 – Call for Proposals opens

May 10 – Call for Proposals closes

Early July – Acceptance Notifications sent out

August – Continuing Education paperwork due

Before you submit your proposal, please DOWNLOAD THIS PDF of the portal questions so you can be prepared.  Please refrain from submitting your proposal until you have reviewed and addressed the portal questions. 

Click here to submit your proposal.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 10, 2024