Award for Excellence in Journalism Winners
2021 Sophie Putka, Discover Magazine, “Why We’re Prone to Denial”, Jan 24, 2021
2020 Laura Santhanam, PBS NewsHour, for “How detention causes long-term harm”, which was published on August 22, 2019
2019 NPR’s Podcast “Hidden Brain” for it’s broadcast Why Now, which aired February 5, 2019
2018 Kathleen McGrory, Tampa Bay Times, for “Worthy of Survival” which was published on November 17, 2016
2017 Mark Follman, Mother Jones, for “Inside the Race To Stop the Next Mass Shooter” which appeared in the October 2016 issue.
2016 Gabrielle Glaser, The Atlantic, for “The Irrationality of Alcholics Anonymous” which appeared in the April 2015 issue.
2015 Laura Starecheski, on NPR’s The State of the Re:Union for “The Hospital Always Wins” which aired on October 1, 2013.
2014 Laura Tillman, Pacific Standard, for “What Does It Take For Traumatized Kids To Thrive?” which appeared in May 6, 2013 issue.
2013 Mark Massé for a chapter titled “Transformer” published in Trauma Journalism: On Deadline in Harm’s Way (2011).
2012 Rachel Aviv, Harper’s Magazine, for “This Way Madness Lies: Can Psychosis be Prevented?” which appeared in the December 2010 issue.
2011 Molly Knight Raskin, Scientific American Mind magazine, for “When Passion is the Enemy” which appeared in the July 2010 issue.
2010 Daphne Merkin, New York Times Magazine, for “A Journey Through Darkness” which
appeared in the May 10, 2009 issue.
2009 Laurie Abraham, New York Times Magazine, for “Can This Marriage be Saved?” which appeared in the August 12, 2007 issue.
2008 Elizabeth Bernstein, The Wall Street Journal, for “After A Suicide, Privacy on Trial — A jury weighs whether Chuck Mahoney’s college should have told his parents more” which appeared in the March 24, 2007 issue.
2007 Jerry Adler, Claudia Kalb, and Anne Underwood – Newsweek cover story, March 27, 2006.

Special Recognition awards:
Joan Arehart-Treichel – Psychiatry News, for the quality of her coverage of psychoanalysis and of APsaA’s Winter Meetings

Carl Sherman – Clinical Psychiatry News, for the quality of his coverage over the
years of psychoanalysis and of APsaA’s Winter Meetings

2006 Alix Spiegel, The New Yorker, for The Dictionary of Disorder” which appeared in the January 3, 2005 issue.
2005 Erica Goode, The New York Times, for “And Still Echoes of A Death Long Past”, on October 28, 2003.
2004 Marianne Szegedy-Maszak, U.S. News & World Report, for “Sigmund Freud: The Father of Modern Psychoanalysis Transformed Our Understanding of Ourselves and of Each Other” which appeared in a special edition of U.S. News and World Report, entitled “Secrets of Genius: Three Minds That Shaped the Twentieth Century” in the spring/summer 2003. This volume also included essays on Albert Einstein and Karl Marx.

Special Recognition award:
Joshua Kendall, freelance journalist for the Boston Globe, for the article “Managed care tried to kill off Freud”, February 9, 2003.

2003 Margaret Talbot, The New York Times Magazine cover story, “Hysteria, Hysteria”, June 2, 2002.
2001 Wynne Godley, London Review, for “Saving Masud Khan”, February 22, 2001
Diana Sugg, The Baltimore Sun, for “Paths Diverge in Struggle to Prevent Youth Suicides”, April 29, 2001.
2000 Joan Acocella, The New Yorker, “The Empty Couch: What is Lost When Psychiatry Turns to Drugs,” May 8, 2000.
1999 Prior to the formal establishment of the Award for Excellence in Journalism, Wall Street Journal senior editor Carol Hymowitz was honored in 1999 with the Award for Distinguished Contribution for her coverage of medical privacy issues.